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Former Air Canada Employees Allege Harassment Culture, Intimidation

Pushed up against a wall. Targeted by threats and intimidation. Spit in the face. This was part of the employment experience according to some former Air Canada employees, many of whom worked for the airline for years. But when they denounced their t... read more

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B.C. To Crack Down On Anonymous Home Ownership With Public Registry

VANCOUVER _ British Columbia said on Wednesday it is preparing legislation to crack down on "hidden ownership" in real estate and pledged Canada's first public registry of property owners, amid concerns that offshore money and criminal investors are ... read more

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Amid NAFTA Turmoil, Remove Barriers To Free Trade At Home

By Germain Belzile, Senior Associate Researcher at the MEIThe recent G7 Summit in Charlevoix, Que. ended on a sour note for Canada as U.S. President Donald Trump denounced Canadian protectionism, particularly in agriculture. On top of this, the reneg... read more

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Wilbur Ross Admits Canadian Steel Is Not A Security Threat To U.S.

OTTAWA _ The U.S. commerce secretary says Canada is not a national security threat and that a revitalized NAFTA could make the Trump administration's tariffs on steel and aluminum go away.Wilbur Ross also acknowledged Wednesday that the U.S. doesn't ... read more

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Victoria Plastic Bag Ban Approved By B.C. Supreme Court

VICTORIA _ The mayor of Victoria is hailing a court victory allowing the city to enact a bylaw that will prohibit grocery stores from offering or selling plastic bags to shoppers.Lisa Helps says in a news release that the B.C. Supreme Court decision ... read more

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Canadians Divided On Government's Purchase Of Trans Mountain Pipeline: Angus Reid Institute Poll

Canadians are almost evenly divided on whether the federal government buying Kinder Morgan's Trans Mountain pipeline was a good investment or a negative precedent-setter.A new Angus Reid Institute poll finds an equal number of Canadians (37 per cent)... read more

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Geoff Regan Rejects Tory Push For Emergency Debate On Canada-U.S. Trade

OTTAWA _ The official Opposition is calling for an emergency debate in the House of Commons over the future of the Canada-U.S. trade _ but Speaker Geoff Regan is having none of it.Conservative foreign affairs critic Erin O'Toole says Canadians need t... read more

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WestJet's Swoop Set To Launch, Heating Up Low-Cost Carrier Competiton

MONTREAL _ Competition is heating up for Canada's most price-sensitive travellers as WestJet Airlines gears up to launch the country's second ultra-low cost airline Wednesday.Swoop, an offshoot of WestJet Airlines, will make its maiden flight on its ... read more

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No, Vancouver Doesn't Have An Insanely Low Property Tax

Boy, this new Vancouver property tax increase _ the charmingly named "school tax" _ sure is causing a lot of commotion. It can be as little as a few hundred if your home is worth just over $3 million, but if you are lucky enough to own a $6-million h... read more

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Saputo Inc. Sides With U.S. In Dairy Supply Management Dispute

WINNIPEG, Manitoba, June 18 (Reuters) - Saputo Inc, one of Canada's largest dairies, supports ending a domestic milk ingredient pricing system that has angered the United States, Chief Executive Lino Saputo Jr. said on Monday, showing a rare crack in... read more

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South Korea Becomes 2nd Country To Suspend Imports Of Canadian Wheat

CALGARY _ South Korea has joined Japan in suspending trade in Canadian wheat following the discovery of a small number of genetically modified plants in southern Alberta.It's standard protocol in both countries to temporarily close markets in such ca... read more

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Trans Mountain Pipeline: Indigenous Protesters In Washington Vow To Stop Expansion

VANCOUVER _ Cedar George-Parker remembers the moment he decided to devote his life to defending Indigenous people and their traditional territories. It was the one-year anniversary of a shooting at his high school that killed four of his classmates i... read more

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YouTube Music Launches In Canada

Video platform YouTube announced Monday it's bringing its music streaming service to Canada.YouTube Music will feature music videos, customized playlists, and personalized recommendations.The service also has a smart search feature, which helps users... read more

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Bill Morneau Didn't Violate Conflict Laws With C-27 Pension Bill, Watchdog Says

OTTAWA _ The federal ethics commissioner says Finance Minister Bill Morneau did not violate any conflict of interest laws in sponsoring a pension bill last year.Morneau found himself in hot water when he introduced pension-reform legislation, which c... read more

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Toronto's Feed It Forward Grocery Store Lets Customers Pay What They Can

TORONTO _ There's a reason you don't often see a pay-what-you-can grocery store, say marketing experts intrigued by a Toronto venture billed as the first of its kind.But chef Jagger Gordon says it's an experiment he's eager to try with his Feed It Fo... read more

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Canadian Companies Are Getting Creative When It Comes To Pot Edibles

VANCOUVER _ Beer brewed with marijuana, baking mixes concocted to bring out the unique flavours of cannabis oil and good, old-fashioned pot cookies: Canadian companies are creating them all, but it's unclear when stores will legally be able to stock ... read more

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A Trade War With U.S. Would Knock Canada's Economy Into Recession: Scotiabank

OTTAWA _ A new analysis of escalating trade disputes involving the United States warns that a deterioration into an all-out, global trade war would knock North America's economies into recession.The report by Scotiabank said if the U.S. breaks all tr... read more

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Canadians Who Want To Play Hardball With Trump Should Look At This Map

Canadians are in no mood to coddle Donald Trump.A new survey from Angus Reid finds 70 per cent of respondents want Ottawa to play hardball with the Trump administration in the growing trade dispute between our two countries. Only 30 per cent would li... read more

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Ontario's Credit Outlook Downgraded To 'Negative' As Doug Ford Takes The Reins

Credit ratings agency Fitch has an unpleasant welcome gift for Ontario Premier-designate Doug Ford: A downgrade to the province's credit outlook.Fitch announced Friday it's maintaining its "AA-" credit rating for the province, but is downgrading the ... read more

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Japan Halts Sale Of Canadian Wheat After Unapproved Monsanto Strain Found

Japan's government says it has halted sales of Canadian wheat after some unauthorized genetically modified wheat was discovered in southern Alberta."We are suspending the tender and sale of Canadian wheat until we confirm that the Canadian wheat that... read more

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Canadian Home Sales Hit 7-Year Low

OTTAWA _ The Canadian Real Estate Association is lowering its national home sales forecast for this year due to weaker sales in B.C. and Ontario.The industry association says it now expects home sales this year to fall 11 per cent compared with a yea... read more

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Women's Employment Undermined By Systemic Barriers: House Of Commons Standing Committee Report

OTTAWA _ A Commons committee that spent over a year looking at economic barriers facing Canadian women has released a sweeping list of recommendations it believes could provide a path toward full equality for women.The standing committee on the statu... read more

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Feds Order CRTC To Investigate Sales Practices By Bell, Rogers, Telus

TORONTO _ The sales practices of Canada's largest telecommunications companies _ a long-time sore spot for many consumers _ will be the subject of a public inquiry ordered by the federal government on Thursday."Like many Canadians, we are concerned b... read more

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Canadian Telecoms' Sales Practices To Be The Subject Of A Public Inquiry

OTTAWA _ The federal government has ordered a regulatory investigation in the sales practices of Canada's largest telecommunications companies.The minister for telecommunications, Navdeep Bains, says he wants a public inquiry that will hear from Cana... read more

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Rogers Media Layoffs Hit 75 People In Digital Content, Publishing

TORONTO _ Rogers Communications is cutting the size of its digital content and publishing team by about one-third.The Toronto-based company says about 75 full-time employees have been laid off, reducing the size of that team to about 150 people.Roger... read more

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How Canada's Loyalty Rewards Programs Compare, According To Ratehub

Many of Canada's largest retailers have some form of loyalty program, some of which are better utilized if you have an accompanying credit card. But are they worth it?Loyalty programs in Canada are changing. Canadian Tire recently revamped their rewa... read more

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Canadians' Household Debt Ratio Sees Biggest Drop On Record

OTTAWA _ The amount Canadians owe relative to their income crept lower for the second quarter in a row as mortgage borrowing slowed along with a cooler housing market.Statistics Canada said Thursday household credit market debt was equal to 168.0 per... read more

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Canada-EU Trade Deal Under Threat From Italy's New Populist Government

MILAN (Reuters) _ Italy will not ratify the European Union's free trade agreement with Canada, its new agriculture minister said on Thursday, ratcheting up an international trade spat and potentially scuppering the EU's biggest accord in years.The Co... read more

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Health Care Has Its Own Barriers Preventing Women From Reaching The Top

Sometimes an issue can be so pervasive that it's rendered nearly invisible. Take for instance the gender of the health workforce.Women comprise 82 per cent of health workers in Canada, in contrast to 47 per centin the total labour force. This surpass... read more

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U.S. Tariffs Are 'Absurd', Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland Says

WASHINGTON _ Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland is in the heart of the U.S. Capitol, where she's denouncing the Trump administration's steel and aluminum tariffs as illegal and absurd.Freeland reiterated Canada's opposition to the tariffs aft... read more

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RBC And WestJet Team Up To Launch Ampli Loyalty Program

TORONTO _ WestJet Airlines Ltd. is teaming up with the Royal Bank of Canada to create a new loyalty program that aims to attract a "very substantial" group of "very unhappy" customers from the Aeroplan program, which its rival Air Canada is preparing... read more

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Supply Management Changes Possible Despite Government's Defence

OTTAWA _ When it comes to defending Canada's supply management system from the trade demands of the Trump White House, Agriculture Minister Lawrence MacAulay is leaving the barn door open a crack.The U.S. administration has made it clear it wants Can... read more

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Doug Ford Says Donald Trump's 'Name-Calling' Isn't Acceptable Diplomacy

TORONTO _ Doug Ford says that while he may clash with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on issues like carbon pricing, he will stand side by side with the federal government when it comes international trade and protecting Canadian jobs.Ontario's newly e... read more

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Mortgage Borrowing Among Canada's Millennials Sees Major Pullback

There's been a steep drop-off in the volume of mortgages that Canada's millennials are taking out, a sign that the country's faltering housing market could see more weakness ahead.According to new data from credit bureau TransUnion, new mortgage orig... read more

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Outraged Canadians Get Behind #BoycottUSA, But It May Be Hard To Pull Off

OTTAWA (Reuters) _ Canadians outraged by U.S. President Donald Trump's attack on their prime minister have called for a consumer boycott targeting the United States, but indignation may be hard to sustain in a nation enamored by U.S. popular culture ... read more

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How Canada’s Universities Rank Globally (Hint: Not As Well As They Used To)

Canada's universities are falling behind in a ranking of global institutions, and one key reason may be the country's focus on increasing the population of international students, leading to larger class sizes.The latest edition of the QS World Unive... read more

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Trump's Attacks On Canada Highlight Importance Of Trans Mountain Expansion

OTTAWA _ The federal Liberals are pointing to the unpredictable wrath of the American president to further buttress their argument that Canada needs the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion to reduce its trade dependence on the United States.The U.S. is... read more

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Jollibee, An Iconic Filipino Fast Food Chain, Plans To Open 100 Locations Around Canada

read more

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Peter Navarro, Trump’s Trade Czar, Apologizes For Saying Trudeau Deserved ‘Special Place In Hell’

Donald Trump's trade adviser has apologized for saying Canada's prime minister deserved a "special place in hell."Peter Navarro made the mea culpa for his stunning tirade after the G7 summit in Charlevoix, Que. over the weekend. Trump and his inner c... read more

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Condo Market Speculators In Toronto, Vancouver A Risk To Economy: Bank Of Canada

Be careful if you're planning to jump into the condo market in Toronto, Vancouver or nearby areas: The Bank of Canada says condos have become the latest target of real estate speculators, making them a more risky investment.In its financial system re... read more

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Donald Trump Aims To Wipe Out Canadian Dairy Industry, Lobby Group Says

OTTAWA _ After enduring months of withering fire from Donald Trump's bombastic Twitter feed, Canada's dairy industry waded into the fray on Monday by accusing the U.S. president of wanting to put Canadian farmers out of business.Yet even as it did so... read more

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Canada's MPs Stand Behind Justin Trudeau After Donald Trump's Unprecedented Attack

OTTAWA _ Canada's House of Commons stood Monday in defiance of Donald Trump, denouncing his name-calling tirade against Justin Trudeau and endorsing the prime minister's firm response to protectionist U.S. tariffs and tweeted presidential threats aga... read more

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Trump's Auto Tariffs Would Devastate Supply Chains, Cause Mass Layoffs: Experts

MONTREAL _ U.S. President Donald Trump's threat to impose 25 per cent tariffs on auto imports from Canada would devastate the integrated supply chain that has been built up over decades and also cause job losses on both sides of the border, industry ... read more

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Canada's Soaring House Prices Could Mean A Baby Bust Ahead

The soaring cost of housing in many parts of Canada is having some profound effects on the way we live. Young families are increasingly living in condos; it's become commonplace for parents to help buy their kids' homes; and a large share of Canadian... read more

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Single-Use Plastics In Canada: Here Are The Businesses And Governments Tackling The Problem

Single-use plastics have become a scourge on the planet, and the amount of plastic in the ocean could outweigh the amount of fish by 2050, the federal government says.Canadians generate about 3.25 million tonnes of plastic waste, or about 140,000 gar... read more

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Starbucks Canada's Anti-Bias Training Sees 1,100 Stores Close On Monday

TORONTO _ Starbucks is closing about 1,100 Canadian locations this afternoon for training on race, bias and inclusion.In a letter to customers, Starbucks Canada president Michael Conway says the training will involve sharing experiences, listening to... read more

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Here's How The Trump-Trudeau Relationship Turned Sour

QUEBEC _ The leaders of Canada and the United States are locked in an ugly, escalating public dispute over trade barriers, tariffs and how they think they world should resolve its problems.With U.S. President Donald Trump and Prime Minister Justin Tr... read more

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What Is Supply Management? Trump Attacks Renew Focus On Canada's Dairy System

OTTAWA _ U.S. President Donald Trump upped the ante on Canada's supply-managed dairy system over the weekend as he repeatedly warned that the country would face repercussions unless it is dismantled.Here's what you need to know about supply managemen... read more

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Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain Oil Spill 48 Times Larger Than 1st Reported

KAMLOOPS, B.C. _ A spill from Kinder Morgan's Trans Mountain pipeline late last month was 48 times larger than initially reported, officials said.The spill volume reported from the company's Darfield station north of Kamloops on May 27 was revised to... read more

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Tariffs, Sunset Clause Are Both NAFTA Dealbreakers, Canada Tells U.S.

QUEBEC _ The Trudeau government has told President Donald Trump he needs to get rid of the punishing U.S. tariffs on Canadian steel and aluminum if there is any hope of successfully renegotiating the North American Free Trade Agreement.Finance Minist... read more

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