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German sportswear Puma to make footwear inspired by Russian cartoon characters

It is the first experience in Puma’s history of such cooperation in the Russian market... read more

 Tass11 days ago

Trump signs decree to introduce customs tariffs on aluminum, steel

At the same time, Trump promised to show "great flexibility and cooperation toward those that are real friends and treat us fairly on both trade and the military"... read more

 Tass11 days ago
UK court to continue hearings on Norilsk Nickel shareholders' dispute in May

The dispute concerned the sale of a part of the stake in Norilsk Nickel which is held by Crispian Invetsments, a company controlled by Roman Abramovich... read more

 Tass11 days ago
Rusal allows Abramovich's company to sell part of its stake in Norilsk Nickel

... read more

 Tass11 days ago
Russia and EU discussed Ukraine’s plans to seize Gazprom’s assets - source

According to the source, the meeting between Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak and his European counterpart Maros Sefcovic may be organized already in the middle of next week... read more

 Tass12 days ago
Import substitution in Russia is temporary phenomenon — Putin

According to Putin, import substitution is primarily related to ensuring the security of the country... read more

 Tass13 days ago
Revolutionary concept cars of Geneva Motor Show

2018 Geneva Motor Show is presenting more than 180 exhibitors and more than 110 world and European premieres... read more

 Tass13 days ago
Ukrainian president extends sanctions against Russian banks

The ban also concerns distribution of profits and capital of these five banks... read more

 Tass13 days ago
Russian energy minister urges to speed up Nord Stream-2, Turkish Stream projects

The minister reiterated that Gazprom will remain a reliable energy partner for Europe despite current difficulties... read more

 Tass13 days ago
Forbes lists 103 Russian billionaires with overall wealth of $414 bln

Forbes began to rank Russian citizens as of 1997... read more

 Tass13 days ago
Vladimir Lisin becomes richest Russian according to Forbes

According to Forbes, the net worth of Lisin rose by $3 bln over the last year and is above $19 bln... read more

 Tass14 days ago
BRICS should offer alternative development pattern to American one, suggests expert

Earlier this week Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov embarked on a multi-nation junket though Africa... read more

 Tass14 days ago
Gazprom files appeal against arbitration decision on gas supply case

It was reported earlier that Gazprom sent a formal notice to Naftogaz about starting the procedure for termination of contracts for supply and transit of gas in the Stockholm Arbitration... read more

 Tass14 days ago
Russia and Iran may enter free trade zone agreement in spring

The work on a free trade zone between Iran and the Eurasian Economic Union began in 2015... read more

 Tass14 days ago
1.5 mln Chinese tourists visited Russia in 2017

This is the largest number among all countries for Russia... read more

 Tass14 days ago
More Russian businessmen want to be on "London list" - ombudsman

Earlier Boris Titov has said he would request taking off the Interpol’s list the names of Russian entrepreneurs, whose guilt did not seem evident to him... read more

 Tass14 days ago
Arctic scientific research projects to receive bigger financial support

In 2018 funding may grow by 20%... read more

 Tass15 days ago
Kremlin spokesman says Gazprom will protect its interests in dispute with Naftogaz

Gazprom’s position is quite consistent, Dmitry Peskov stressed... read more

 Tass15 days ago
Trutnev sees lack of political accord in Japan on economic activity on Kuril Islands

Deputy Prime Minister assured that "there are different opinions in Japan, and it seems that attempts to accumulate this balance and get some consolidated decision from this country are just failing"... read more

 Tass15 days ago
Russia honors its EU gas commitments — European Commission

"All existing commitments to supply and transit gas to the EU are being honoured," she said... read more

 Tass16 days ago
Gas supplies to Europe remain as reliable as before - Russia’s Energy Ministry

Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak and European Commission Vice President Maros Sefcovic agreed to maintain close contact over the issue... read more

 Tass17 days ago
Gazprom begins procedure at Stockholm court to terminate deals with Naftogaz

According to the Gazprom's Deputy Chairman of the Board, the case in the Stockholm Arbitration Court will be reviewed by other arbitrators.... read more

 Tass17 days ago
Russia's energy chief puzzled by Stockholm court’s decision on Gazprom-Naftogaz dispute

"It's a strange decision", Alexander Novak has said... read more

 Tass18 days ago
Russia may authorize transit of sanctioned EU goods provided full traceability — official

However, Russia has not yet succeeded in creating a common customs space among the EAEU countries... read more

 Tass18 days ago
Gazprom to cancel contracts with Ukraine's Naftogaz

Gazprom is totally against Ukraine’s economic problems being solved at its expense, CEO says... read more

 Tass18 days ago
Kremlin comments on US plans on steel import duties

This is a measure directed against many countries, Putin's spokesman notes... read more

 Tass18 days ago
Ukraine extends sanctions against Russian banks

In March 2017, Ukrainian President Pyotr Poroshenko imposed sanctions against five banks with Russian state capital operating on the Ukrainian market... read more

 Tass19 days ago
Russia's economy must grow faster than the global economy — Putin

This is a basic condition for the breakthrough in resolving social, infrastructure, defense and other challenges the new government will be facing, Putin stressed... read more

 Tass19 days ago
Exxon to Quit Russian Oil Ventures Frozen by U.S. Sanctions

... read more

 The Moscow Times19 days ago
Exxon Mobil loss illustrates harm of anti-Russian sanctions for US businesses — diplomat

Exxon Mobil said will sustain net loss of $0.2 billion as a result of withdrawal from deals with Rosneft... read more

 Tass19 days ago
Gazprom disagrees with Stockholm arbitration ruling in dispute with Naftogaz

The Arbitration Institute of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce has also rejected a Naftogaz appeal to increase the gas transit tarrifs... read more

 Tass19 days ago
Arbitration court obliges Gazprom to pay $4.63bln over gas transit dispute — Naftogaz

In 2014, Gazprom and Naftogaz filed lawsuits against each other in the Stockholm Arbitration... read more

 Tass20 days ago
Putin: Nord Stream-2 not an alternative to Ukrainian transit route

The Russian leader stressed that such projects as the Nord Stream-2 and the Turkish Stream "certainly diversify supplies"... read more

 Tass20 days ago
Kaspersky Lab denies reports about making part of its anti-virus code accessible online

Kaspersky Lab constantly monitors the network for the presence of code samples... read more

 Tass20 days ago
Tobacco market participants expect positive effect from product marking

Assessing the risk of a possible growth of prices for cigarettes due to the introduction of the new system, experts are believe that products will not become more expensive for end-users... read more

 Tass21 days ago
S&P upgrades ratings of several Russian companies

The outlook for all ratings is "stable"... read more

 Tass21 days ago
'Anyone could have created NotPetya malware' — Russian minister

The high-ranking official noted that anyone could produce the virus... read more

 Tass21 days ago
'Bad debts' bank may be set up in Russia

The regulator discusses an option of spinning off a special bank for consolidation of bad debts... read more

 Tass21 days ago
Sberbank takes lead in capitalization among banks of continental Europe

Sberbank is the main creditor of the Russian economy and holds the largest share on the deposit market... read more

 Tass22 days ago
Portuguese minister hopes for stepping up of economic relations with Russia

Dos Santos Silva pointed out a big diversity of the spheres where Russian businesses could invest in Portugal... read more

 Tass23 days ago
S&P raises Russia’s ratings to ‘BBB-’ with stable outlook

The agency sees "early signs of a lending recovery"... read more

 Tass24 days ago
Deripaska steps down as president of En+ and Rusal

Rusal Director General Vladislav Solovyov has been appointed to the post... read more

 Tass25 days ago
Always darkest before the dawn: Polar night ends on Russia’s northernmost archipelago

The Sun rose on February 22 over the horizon on Franz Josef Land, the northernmost Arctic archipelago in Russia and Eurasia... read more

 Tass26 days ago
Abe’s plan fosters Russia-Japan trade growth — minister

Moscow and Tokyo have agreed to intensify efforts to increase the number of Japanese businesses in Russia... read more

 Tass26 days ago
Yandex launches its own carsharing service

Carsharing is a component of Yandex geo-services... read more

 Tass27 days ago
Russia eyes opportunities for energy cooperation with Pakistan

One of priority areas of the cooperation between Russia and Pakistan is anti-terror fight, according to top diplomat Sergey Lavrov... read more

 Tass28 days ago
Moscow hotels fined for hiking prices for World Cup

The hotels have been fined for a total of $ 105,500... read more

 Tass28 days ago
Sweet Decay: Ukraine confectionery says Russian assets better rotten than sold rock bottom

Ukrainian President Pyotr Poroshenko, who co-owns Roshen, had received dividends of $72 mln from the confectionery in Lipetsk in 2014-2016 and poured it into the Ukrainian economy... read more

 Tass29 days ago
Peskov doubts Deripaska’s potential exit from Rusal, En+ linked to ‘Kremlin List’

The Russian daily, Kommersant, reported that businessman Oleg Deripaska plans to leave his top executive position in the companies, citing sources close to Rusal stockholders... read more

 Tass29 days ago
Rusal Is Said to Plan First Woman CEO as Deripaska Steps Down

... read more

 The Moscow Times29 days ago