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Best credit cards, savings accounts and personal loans

Bargain-hunters are still scouring the shops in the hope of picking up discounted goods - but banks and other financial institutions are also getting in on the act... read more

 Daily Mail56 minutes ago

Boohoo has grown vastly - and so could its share price

The firm floated in March 2014 at 50p. Today the shares are 187.25p and should increase materially as Boohoo takes market share from less agile competitors.... read more

 Daily Mail2 minutes ago
Jeremy Corbyn under pressure to shift Labour policy on Brexit

Observer poll finds majority of existing and potential voters back Britain remaining in single market and customs unionJeremy Corbyn is under huge pressure to shift party policy on Brexit as an exclusive poll for the Observer reveals a substantial m... read more

 The Guardian27 minutes ago
Theresa May: I will fine greedy bosses who betray their workers

• PM pledges tough rules to tackle pensions abuse• Whitehall weighs up plan to target executivesIrresponsible company bosses who “line their own pockets” while failing to protect workers’ pension schemes are to be hit with huge fines, under plans to ... read more

 The Guardian27 minutes ago
Why Facebook has abandoned news for the important business of trivia | John Naughton

Mark Zuckerberg has clearly decided that real news has become too troublesome to bother with any moreConnoisseurs of corporate cant have a new collector’s item: Mark Zuckerberg’s latest Epistle to his Disciples. “We built Facebook,” it begins, “to he... read more

 The Guardian51 minutes ago
MIDAS SHARE TIPS: We look at the high street shops

More of us are shopping online. Last month, there was a 3.5% annual decline in footfall on the high street. We take a look at the shops who could still thrive, despite the gloom.... read more

 Daily Mail51 minutes ago
We must hope for real answers about Carillion. We don’t usually get them

Underbidding for contracts to bring in cash – if that is what has happened – is a dangerous practice. We need to knowThe collapse of Carillion, the building and outsourcing company, throws up so many questions about the state of UK business and gover... read more

 The Guardian3 hours ago
Prepare for a tirade from the pub trade’s Brexiter-in-chief

The outspoken boss of JD Wetherspoon will deliver his usual idiosyncratic take on trading this weekOne opinionated, multimillionaire businessman with populist views and atrocious hair is going to Davos this week. The other is not.Donald Trump will s... read more

 The Guardian3 hours ago
Picturehouse threatens to sack striking workers in dispute over pay

Employees at five cinemas announce nine days of strike action over living wage during London film festivalPicturehouse Cinemas has threatened to sack striking workers ahead of a planned walk-out over pay at five London cinemas.Workers represented by ... read more

 The Guardian6 hours ago
Bitcoin tax loophole could save cryptocurrency investors millions as it leaves HMRC short

MILLIONS of pounds could be lost by the Treasury after a tax loophole was revealed and cryptocurrency investors are expected to take full advantage of the gap, experts warn.... read more

 Daily Express9 hours ago
The UK has been urged to strike a transition deal with EU

The UK must strike a transition deal with the EU in 70 days, the CBI will warn tomorrow. Failure to do so would force firms to trigger contingency plans – involving the loss of investment and jobs... read more

 Daily Mail10 hours ago
The new chief executive at Dixons Carphone could earn £15m

The new chief executive of Dixons Carphone has been awarded a suite of financial rewards that could earn him up to £15 million over the next five years.... read more

 Daily Mail10 hours ago
News websites for investors secures private equity

Proactive Investors was set up in 2007 when City pals Ian Mclelland and Craig Ribton decided to turn the blog they had started as a hobby into a business.... read more

 Daily Mail10 hours ago
Publisher of magazines for airlines could fetch £70m

The publisher of magazines for airlines ranging from easyJet to Etihad has been put up for sale amid predictions it will fetch £70 million.Ink produces 28 magazines in ten languages... read more

 Daily Mail10 hours ago
Lidl comes under fire for its ‘aggressive’ expansion plan

Discount food retailer Lidl has come under fire for an ‘aggressive’ expansion plan that has left local businesses struggling to find new premises.... read more

 Daily Mail10 hours ago
Gumball organiser suing provider of rally-driving holidays

The company behind the Gumball 3000, the international 3,000-mile celebrity car race, is suing a provider of rally-driving holidays. Gumball 3000 has issued a claim against Cannon Drive 3000... read more

 Daily Mail10 hours ago
RBS chief backs The Mail on Sunday's campaign

The RBS chief is also for the first time giving his public backing to The Mail on Sunday’s campaign for a body to provide independent redress for entrepreneurs.... read more

 Daily Mail10 hours ago
Customer habits change as footfall drops

Do you enjoy elbowing your way through crowded stores, trying to find that must-have outfit or perfect gift? Do you relish queuing to pay before struggling home, laden with packages?... read more

 Daily Mail10 hours ago
Short-Sellers targeting Government contractors

Short-sellers who cashed in on Carillion’s collapse are targeting Interserve and other Government contractors. Their bets against firms in the building and outsourcing sector total £500 million.... read more

 Daily Mail10 hours ago
Royal Liverpool Hospital is now a scene of despair

To feel the real impact of the Carillion collapse on small firms and ordinary people, you have to leave the confines of Whitehall and the City and head to a place such as Liverpool... read more

 Daily Mail10 hours ago
City operators made millions following Carillion's demise

The downfall of Carillion has left thousands of construction workers, small shareholders and suppliers licking their wounds.But a small band of City operators made tens of millions of pounds... read more

 Daily Mail10 hours ago
Carillion collapse could cost the taxpayer more than £1 bn

The Carillion collapse could cost the taxpayer more than £1 billion.Fees paid to liquidation advisers PwC could also run into hundreds of millions... read more

 Daily Mail10 hours ago
Carillion has left enormous debts

What is likely to happen to the directors of Carillion who were in charge while the group lurched towards the rocks, leaving enormous debts, unbuilt hospitals, a black hole in the pension fund... read more

 Daily Mail10 hours ago
Barclays backs calls for independent body to settle rows

The Mail on Sunday’s Justice For Our Firms campaign was boosted this weekend when Barclays backed our calls for an independent body to settle rows between entrepreneurs and banks... read more

 Daily Mail10 hours ago
Bosses at Melrose are in line to share £285m in bonuses

Four bosses at corporate raider Melrose are in line to share £285 million in bonuses if they make a success of their takeover bid for engineering giant GKN, The Mail on Sunday can reveal.... read more

 Daily Mail10 hours ago
Fees cash machine operators charge a bank is is imminent

A decision on the fees a cash machine operator can charge a bank when customers use one of its ATMs is imminent. If the proposed 20 per cent cut is approved it could result in cash machine deserts... read more

 Daily Mail10 hours ago
Now it’s time for a financial bargain

Bargain-hunters are still scouring the shops in the hope of picking up discounted clothes, gadgets and white goods in this month’s sales.... read more

 Daily Mail10 hours ago
"offshore tax havens"

If Polar explorer Craig Mathieson became Chancellor of the Exchequer, he would throw all the accountants who set up offshore tax havens into prison – and chuck away the key.... read more

 Daily Mail10 hours ago
In pods we trust?Not after £16,000 insurance request

Ms L.S . writes: My dad invested £45,000 of his pension plan in storage pods. He has now been contacted by KB Financial Solutions, with an offer to buy his pods for £60,000.... read more

 Daily Mail10 hours ago
Savings rates could be on the march upwards again

When cartoonist Ralph Steadman appeared on Radio Four’s Desert Island Discs 20 years ago, he was quite precise as to the location of the island he should be holed up on.... read more

 Daily Mail10 hours ago
Fraud and hacking is now the most common crime

Official figures due out this week will show that fraud and hacking is now the most common crime in England and Wales. Reported cases of fraud are running at two million a year.... read more

 Daily Mail10 hours ago
How to avoid the perfect storm of debt

Millions of borrowers could tumble into an abyss before the year is out unless they take immediate action. This is the alarm sounded by the Personal Finance Society.... read more

 Daily Mail10 hours ago
Beware the vultures circling over gold-plated pensions

The advisers, some of whom persuaded former British Steel workers to transfer out of their pension schemes, have been given fresh momentum following a series of failures.... read more

 Daily Mail10 hours ago

This month marks three years at the helm for Ross Teverson, manager of investment fund Jupiter Global Emerging Markets. The performance numbers look good.... read more

 Daily Mail10 hours ago
Sainsbury's to cut 2,000 jobs across UK

Store and back office roles axed to save £500m to counter impact of price war with discounters Aldi and LidlSainsbury’s is axing 2,000 store and back office roles as the supermarket chain looks to slash costs by £500m amid an intensifying price war w... read more

 The Guardian10 hours ago
The main problem with the NBN lies within the government’s objective | Greg Jericho

When your objective is to provide an internet service that’s good enough just to download Netflix, there will be problemsWhenever a policy fails to deliver, a good place to see why this happened is to look at the government’s objectives. This week, w... read more

 The Guardian10 hours ago
Whistleblower suing Ernst & Young over gold dealings with Dubai firm

Sacked auditor says he was branded a troublemaker after telling bosses of his concerns about the Kaloti groupUK consultancy giant Ernst & Young has been accused of “unlawful, unprofessional and unethical” conduct over its relationship with a Dubai fi... read more

 The Guardian11 hours ago
Britain’s tired old economy isn’t strong enough for Brexit

Leave campaigners’ visions of national renewal depend on a level of commercial vibrancy that the UK can no longer musterBrexit, at its heart, is a recognition that Britain has become steadily weaker since it spent much of its empire wealth fighting t... read more

 The Guardian18 hours ago
Bitcoin price RIVAL: Cryptocurrency 'faster than bitcoin' will CHALLENGE market leaders

A LEADING investment expert has said that recent developments in the cryptocurrency markets mean that bitcoin cash and ethereum are in prime position to tighten the gap with bitcoin as the market leader.... read more

 Daily Express18 hours ago
Whatever he chooses to say at Davos, Trump will make headlines

A conciliatory speech would alienate his base; a repudiation of Nafta would create shockwaves. Either way, this is a significant momentThe annual meeting of the World Economic Forum will come to a climax on Friday when Donald Trump becomes the first ... read more

 The Guardian18 hours ago
Forget product placement: now advertisers can buy storylines

An episode of US show Black-ish saw a character discussing an ad campaign by Procter & Gamble. Is this the future of TV?Advertiser-funded programming is an important source of money for broadcasters, but could advertiser-funded dialogue be the next s... read more

 The Guardian18 hours ago
Climate change, AI and harassment – the hottest topics at this year’s Davos

The World Economic Forum focuses on the ‘fractured world’ this year: but the biggest star at the gala will be Donald TrumpDonald Trump will loom large at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos this week, as the self-styled anti-globalist joins the a... read more

 The Guardian18 hours ago
Bitcoin warning: Former Nasdaq chief says you can tell which cryptocurrency will TRIUMPH

ONE of the first establishment investors to back cryptocurrency has revealed how to know whether bitcoin, Ripple or ethereum will win the digital currency battle.... read more

 Daily Express18 hours ago
Bitcoin price crash REVEALED: Reason behind sudden cryptocurrency plummet

THE REASON behind the recent bitcoin price crash has been revealed by analyst Georgy Verbitsky, who believes professionals benefited by making quick profits from last-minute amateur investors.... read more

 Daily Express19 hours ago
Retail sector endures WORST year since 2013 as shoppers took advantage of November sales

THE amount bought by UK shoppers fell sharply in December to round off the weakest year for retail sales since 2013. Consumers reined in their spending last month after Black Friday deals encouraged them to buy presents earlier, boosting November by ... read more

 Daily Express19 hours ago
Bitcoin price BOOST: Not even cryptocurrency 'CIVIL WAR' has not stopped 'upward momentum'

BITCOIN received another price boost as the cryptocurrency continues to survive the furious “civil war” between digital currency developers with no sign of its “upward momentum” coming to an end, according to a leading expert in the field.... read more

 Daily Express20 hours ago
Dixons Carphone CEO will step down to run chemist chain Boots

Sebastian James, who has led Dixons Carphone for six years, resigned in a surprise moveThe chief executive of Britain’s biggest specialist electrical goods and mobile phone retailer will step down to run high street chemist Boots.Sebastian James, who... read more

 The Guardian22 hours ago
Bitcoin price THREAT: Fears bitcoin will crash as Merkel and Macron propose regulation

BITCOIN prices could be under threat after two of Europe’s most powerful leaders have joined efforts to regulate the speculative cryptocurrency.... read more

 Daily Express22 hours ago
Boohoo says its ‘sale’ will end in minutes – why is it back in a couple of hours?

Countdown clocks and phrases such as ‘hurry now’ are used to to panic shoppers into buyingOn Monday night I saw that the Boohoo fashion website was having a fantastic sale – “20% off everything”. But I had to act pronto: “Hurry ends 11pm!” it shouted... read more

 The Guardian22 hours ago
Bitcoin price WARNING: Cryptocurrency bubble might 'TOTALLY COLLAPSE' – or last 100 years

BITCOIN could “totally collapse”, according to a shock cryptocurrency warning from Robert Shiller, a Nobel Prize-winning economist and Yale University professor, however, he claimed the virtual currency could last 100 years.... read more

 Daily Express23 hours ago