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Dollar climbs above ¥110.50 in Tokyo amid lack of U.S.-China trade threats

The dollar climbed above ¥110.50 in Tokyo trading Thursday, backed by the benchmark Nikkei average's solid performance in Tokyo's stock market.At 5 p.m., the dollar ... read more

 Japan Times33 minutes ago

Otsuka Foods taps India as next market for signature curry

Otsuka Foods Co., which ushered in Japan's retort pouch food revolution with its Bon Curry product half a century ago, is trying its luck in ... read more

 Japan Times58 minutes ago
Airbnb showing illegal lodgings in Japan a week after start of P2P rental law

Unlicensed private lodgings in Japan remain listed on the website of Airbnb Inc. just a week after a new law legalizing and regulating the service ... read more

 Japan Times1 hour ago
Tokyo stocks rise further on yen’s decline against dollar, lull in U.S.-China trade friction

The benchmark Nikkei average rose further Thursday, backed by the yen's drop against the dollar.The 225-issue Nikkei average gained 137.61 points, or 0.61 percent, to ... read more

 Japan Times1 hour ago
Chinese startup Xiaomi prepares for Hong Kong IPO as it sets out to challenge Google and Amazon

Xiaomi Corp., a Chinese startup that helped pioneer the trend toward ultra-low-priced smartphones, is preparing for what would be the biggest initial public offering since ... read more

 Japan Times3 hours ago
Toyota, pressed to innovate, cuts marketing costs to fuel research

BEIJING--Toyota has begun slashing costs, starting with sales and marketing, and shifting resources into research that will help it keep up with new competitors, four people familiar with the matter said. One... read more

 Asahi Simbun7 hours ago
Central bank chiefs of 4 major nations raise trade concerns

WASHINGTON--The leaders of the central banks of four major economies expressed alarm Wednesday that multiple trade conflicts are threatening to slow global growth. The officials said at a conference in Portugal... read more

 Asahi Simbun7 hours ago
U.S. exempts certain steel products of Japan, four other nations from 25% import duties

The Commerce Department said Wednesday it has exempted some steel products from Japan and four other countries from the U.S. global tariffs of 25 percent ... read more

 Japan Times8 hours ago
American Airlines, United: Don’t put separated migrant kids on our flights

American Airlines and United Airlines have asked the federal government to refrain from using their flights to transport migrant children who have been separated from ... read more

 Japan Times8 hours ago
U.S. lawmakers want Google to rethink links to China’s Huawei, seen as security threat

A group of Republican and Democratic U.S. lawmakers asked Alphabet Inc.'s Google on Wednesday to reconsider its work with Chinese telecommunications firm Huawei Technologies Co. ... read more

 Japan Times9 hours ago
Scientific study finds asylum seekers boosting European economies

Asylum seekers moving to Europe have raised their adopted nations' economic output, lowered unemployment and not placed a burden on public finances, scientists said on ... read more

 Japan Times10 hours ago
Toilet paper business on a roll in Japan

Japanese paper manufacturers were expecting a shrinking market due to the declining population but are expanding output instead due to an unexpected boost -- a surge in foreign tourists pushing up demand, inevitably, for toilet paper. (Japan Today)... read more

 News on Japan10 hours ago
Study: Plastic will pile up in wake of China recycling ban

PORTLAND, Maine-- China's decision to stop accepting plastic waste from other countries is causing plastic to stockpile around the globe, and wealthy countries must find a way to slow the accumulation of... read more

 Asahi Simbun11 hours ago
Toilet paper business on a roll in Japan on surge in visitors

Japanese paper manufacturers were expecting a shrinking market due to the declining population but are expanding output instead due to an unexpected boost -- a surge in foreign…... read more

 Japan Today12 hours ago
Caterpillar, Volvo, Komatsu linked to mining abuses in Myanmar

Caterpillar, Volvo and Komatsu contribute to abuses in Myanmar by selling machinery used by domestic mining companies implicated in land expropriation, environmental destruction and armed conflict, according to…... read more

 Japan Today12 hours ago
Japan carmakers association says it has tripled its U.S. workforce since 1990

Japanese automakers employed a total of 92,710 people in the United States as of 2017, up from 28,571 in 1990 and marking the highest level on record, according…... read more

 Japan Today12 hours ago
Instagram unveils new video service in challenge to YouTube; ads expected to follow

Facebook's Instagram service is loosening its restraints on video in an attempt to lure younger viewers away from YouTube when they're looking for something to ... read more

 Japan Times12 hours ago
Angry U.S. lawmakers, including in GOP, blast chief Wilbur Ross over Trump trade moves

Indignant U.S. lawmakers on Wednesday grilled Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross on President Donald Trump's multifront trade offensive, saying it risked spiraling out of control and ... read more

 Japan Times12 hours ago
Japanese electric motor maker Nidec names new president, Nagamori to stay as CEO and board chairman

Nidec Corp. said Wednesday that Chairman Shigenobu Nagamori will remain CEO of the major electric motor maker but that he has given up his concurrent ... read more

 Japan Times20 hours ago
Hitachi CEO promises to prioritize profitability in U.K. nuclear power plant project

Hitachi Ltd. will put profitability first in a nuclear plant construction project in the United Kingdom, President and CEO Toshiaki Higashihara told shareholders Wednesday.The machinery-maker ... read more

 Japan Times23 hours ago
Tokyo stocks rebound on buying on dips

Stocks rallied on the Tokyo Stock Exchange on Wednesday, boosted by buybacks and buying on dips following the previous day's plunge.The 225-issue Nikkei average gained ... read more

 Japan Times23 hours ago
Japanese auto industry highlights its U.S. investments as Trump trade fears grow

The nation's top auto industry body stressed Wednesday the Japanese automakers' contribution to the United States in creating jobs and investment, in an apparent move ... read more

 Japan Times23 hours ago
Dollar rises above ¥110 in Tokyo

The dollar rose above ¥110 in Tokyo trading Wednesday, supported by a rise in Japanese stock prices.At 5 p.m., the dollar stood at ¥110.21-22, up ... read more

 Japan Times23 hours ago
Silicon Valley-style coding boot camp seeks to reset Japan Inc.

Barely six months after inaugurating a tiny software-coding boot camp in a basement in Tokyo, Silicon Valley transplant Kani Munidasa stood before some of Japan's ... read more

 Japan Times23 hours ago
SoftBank vows to bolster startup investment through its Vision Fund at shareholders meeting

SoftBank Group Corp. CEO Masayoshi Son said Wednesday that the company will bolster its investment business in a shift in the telecommunications giant's growth strategy."I ... read more

 Japan Times23 hours ago
Construction app offers fix for Japan’s supertight labor market

One of Yosuke Kobayashi's biggest headaches has been finding enough workers to build hotels, restaurants and bath houses for his construction company.That was until the ... read more

 Japan TimesYesterday
Nissin Foods to enter China’s vegetable juice market

Japan's leading instant noodle-maker Nissin Foods Holdings Co. will enter the vegetable beverage market in Hong Kong, Macau and mainland China, tapping its sales network ... read more

 Japan TimesYesterday
Japan manufacturers boosted by higher demand for toilet paper from surge in foreign tourists

Paper manufacturers were anticipating the industry would shrink due to Japan's declining population, but are instead expanding output due to an unexpected boost from tourism ... read more

 Japan TimesYesterday
Kumamoto company turns to brown rice paste in bid to revive Japan’s abandoned farmland

Alarmed by an increase in abandoned rice paddies amid the Westernization of the Japanese diet and a graying population, a Kyushu dealer of major agricultural ... read more

 Japan TimesYesterday
Value for money? Major aid donors fail transparency test

LONDON--Most of the world's biggest aid donors are failing to make public what their spending achieves, according to a study released on Wednesday that ranks China, the United Arab Emirates and Japan as... read more

 Asahi SimbunYesterday
As Kim visits China, Xi flaunts trade bargaining chip

As if on cue, Kim Jong Un returned to Beijing on Tuesday in an illustration of how U.S. President Donald Trump's tariff threats against China ... read more

 Japan TimesYesterday
After Mercari, Japanese unicorns closer to extinction

Following Mercari's blockbuster stock market debut Tuesday, Japan's lineup of unlisted startups valued above $1 billion has shrunk to basically two, underscoring the domestic tech industry's persistent failure to cultivate unicorns. (Nikkei)... read more

 News on JapanYesterday
Trump’s migrant child detentions mean $458 million for nonprofit minder

The Trump administration plans to pay a Texas nonprofit nearly half a billion dollars this year to care for immigrant children who were detained crossing ... read more

 Japan TimesYesterday
Catches of baby Japanese eels 2nd lowest on record

Domestic catches of baby Japanese eels in the 2018 fishing season hit the second-lowest level since the 1982 start of the existing data, Japan's Fisheries Agency said Tuesday. (Jiji)... read more

 News on JapanYesterday
Marketplace app firm goes public

The Japanese operator of a popular app that matches buyers and sellers of used goods has gone public. (NHK)... read more

 News on JapanYesterday
Don Quijote to hit ¥1 tril sales target year early

Japanese discount retailer Don Quijote Holdings Co Ltd expects to hit its 1 trillion yen ($9.05 billion) sales target in the next financial year, a year earlier than…... read more

 Japan TodayYesterday
Japanese steel lobby fears U.S.-China spat may prompt global trade order collapse

The head of Japan’s steel industry group on Tuesday said he was worried that an escalating trade spat between the United States and China would lead to a…... read more

 Japan TodayYesterday
Kazuo Kashio, CEO of G-Shock watch maker Casio, dies at 89

Kazuo Kashio, chairman and CEO of Casio Computer Co who played a key role in developing the G-Shock wristwatches, died of pneumonia at a hospital in Tokyo on…... read more

 Japan TodayYesterday
U.S. Senate backers of ZTE curbs ready to battle Trump over Chinese firm

U.S. senators who back a clampdown on China's ZTE Corp. said on Tuesday they intend to fight for the measure, and urged fellow lawmakers not ... read more

 Japan TimesYesterday
Russia to level duties on American goods after U.S. sets metal tariffs in move seen helping sanctions targets

Russia said on Tuesday it would impose import duties on U.S. road-building machinery, a measure likely to help Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska, who was hit ... read more

 Japan TimesYesterday
Stocks dive as Trump threatens almost all imports from China and Beijing fires back

China has underestimated President Donald Trump's resolve to move forward with tariffs unless Beijing changes its "predatory" trade practices, a top U.S. trade adviser said ... read more

 Japan TimesYesterday
FSA to punish major cryptocurrency exchange operators

The Financial Services Agency is expected to take administrative action this week on some registered cryptocurrency exchange operators in Japan, including industry leader bitFlyer Inc., ... read more

 Japan TimesYesterday
Kazuo Kashio, CEO of G-Shock watch-maker Casio, dies at 89

Kazuo Kashio, chairman and CEO of Casio Computer Co. who played a key role in developing the G-Shock wristwatches, died of pneumonia at a hospital ... read more

 Japan TimesYesterday
IBM pits computer against human debaters

IBM pitted a computer against two human debaters in the first public demonstration of artificial intelligence technology it's been working on for more than five ... read more

 Japan TimesYesterday
Mercari’s IPO raises over ¥60 billion on Mothers, putting Japanese flea market app in spotlight

Mercari Inc., Japan's first startup unicorn to go public, made its much-anticipated debut Tuesday on the Tokyo Stock Exchange's Mothers section, becoming the largest initial ... read more

 Japan TimesYesterday
Growing U.S.-China trade fears push dollar below ¥110 in Tokyo

The dollar slipped below ¥110 in Tokyo trading Tuesday, weighed down by escalating concerns about the simmering U.S.-China trade war.At 5 p.m., the dollar stood ... read more

 Japan Times2 days ago
JAL, ANA bend on sovereignty row, swapping ‘Taiwan’ for ‘China Taiwan’ on Chinese websites

Japan's two largest airlines have changed "Taiwan" to "China Taiwan" on their Chinese-language websites, officials said Tuesday, a move likely to please Beijing but anger ... read more

 Japan Times2 days ago
Mercari’s IPO biggest in 2018, closes valued at 717 billion yen

Mercari Inc. recorded this year’s largest stock listing in Japan, and its initial share price of 5,000 yen ($45) surged from the opening bell on the Tokyo Stock Exchange on June 19. Based on the initial... read more

 Asahi Simbun2 days ago
Fujifilm sues Xerox for $1 billion over failed takeover bid

Fujifilm Holdings Corp. accused Xerox Corp. of caving to the whims of Carl Icahn and Darwin Deason in backing out of a $6.1 billion takeover ... read more

 Japan Times2 days ago
Nikkei sheds 401 points on U.S.-China trade war fears

Stocks plunged on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Tuesday amid growing concerns about a trade war developing between the United States and China.The 225-issue Nikkei average ... read more

 Japan Times2 days ago