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Japan blocking access to auto market with nontariff trade barriers, Trump says in report

U.S. President Donald Trump on Wednesday accused Japan of employing "a variety of nontariff barriers" against American automobiles, effectively urging Tokyo to further liberalize its ... read more

 Japan Times8 hours ago

Honda Aircraft topped list for business jet deliveries in 2017

Honda Aircraft Co., the U.S. aviation arm of Honda Motor Co., delivered 43 small business jets in 2017, ranking first worldwide in the category, the ... read more

 Japan Times8 hours ago
New Japan travel app pairs Microsoft’s AI chatbot with Navitime guidance

Two Tokyo-based firms and Microsoft Japan on Thursday launched an English-language tourism app with an AI agent to target a surge in inbound tourists that ... read more

 Japan Times8 hours ago
NPA cryptocurrency tips point to 669 suspected money-laundering cases from April to December

The police on Thursday disclosed that 669 cases of suspected money laundering had been reported by cryptocurrency exchanges between April and December.The tipoffs came in ... read more

 Japan Times9 hours ago
Japan’s Financial Services Agency to check regional banks’ defenses against money laundering

The Financial Services Agency plans to inspect regional banks to check their measures against money laundering, it was learned.If problems are found the agency will ... read more

 Japan Times9 hours ago
Abe adviser says BOJ should consider buying foreign bonds to reflate economy

The Bank of Japan should consider buying foreign bonds as part of efforts to reflate the economy during Gov. Haruhiko Kuroda's second term at the ... read more

 Japan Times9 hours ago
Uber CEO plans closer ties with Toyota on autonomous driving

The world's largest car maker and the world's biggest ride-hailing company plan to team up on autonomous driving as technological changes sweep through the transportation ... read more

 Japan Times9 hours ago
Sekisui House chairman quit after fierce battle in boardroom

In an apparent boardroom coup, the chairman of Sekisui House Ltd. was forced to step down after trying to unsuccessfully sack the company president over a massive loss from a real estate fraud scandal. Isami... read more

 Asahi Simbun10 hours ago
Seven & I to try flexible shifts to improve productivity, limit overtime

Retail giant Seven & I Holdings Co. plans to give employees the option of choosing to start work at 8 a.m., 9 a.m. or 10 ... read more

 Japan Times11 hours ago
India’s state-run bank adopts strict SWIFT controls after $1.77 billion fraud case

India's state-run Punjab National Bank has stepped up its controls on the use of SWIFT, a global payments network, following an alleged $1.77 billion fraud, ... read more

 Japan Times14 hours ago
Slowing U.S. sales lead Japan carmakers to rethink discounts

A second year of slowing growth in the U. S. auto market is forcing Japanese automakers to look beyond discounts to grow market share and focus more on boosting profitability in their largest market. Global... read more

 Asahi Simbun15 hours ago
Final version of TPP deal released; rules pushed by U.S. shelved

WELLINGTON/SYDNEY--The final version of a landmark deal aimed at cutting trade barriers in some of Asia-Pacific's fastest-growing economies was released on Wednesday, signaling the pact was a step closer... read more

 Asahi Simbun16 hours ago
2 Japanese maritime car carriers hit by EU cartel fines

BRUSSELS--The European Union's anti-trust watchdog is sounding the warning to business cartels by announcing fines totaling more than half a billion euros ($600 million or 64 billion yen) in three anti-trust... read more

 Asahi Simbun16 hours ago
Mexico finds illegal avocado plantation in Monarch butterfly reserve

Mexican environmental inspectors said Wednesday they found 7.4 acres (3 hectares) of illegal avocado plantations in the Monarch butterfly wintering grounds west of Mexico City.It's ... read more

 Japan Times18 hours ago
Ford sacks top exec over ‘inappropriate behavior’

Ford has ousted one of its top executives over allegations of unspecified inappropriate behavior.The company says in a statement that North America President Raj Nair ... read more

 Japan Times18 hours ago
Twitter cracks down on tactics used by ‘bots’ to spread false stories

Twitter Inc. said on Wednesday it would no longer allow people to post identical messages from multiple accounts, cracking down on a tactic that Russian ... read more

 Japan Times18 hours ago
Kubota cuts out middleman with first automated combine

Leading farming tools maker Kubota Corp. has developed Japan’s first self-driving combine harvester to help solve the agriculture industry’s problems stemming from chronic understaffing and the aging farming... read more

 Asahi Simbun18 hours ago
Atlantic defies media trend with new hiring binge

The Atlantic, the media group stemming from the longtime U.S. magazine, said Wednesday it will add up to 100 new staff, forecasting growth despite a ... read more

 Japan Times20 hours ago
Trump warms to mileage tax, offers praise of Oregon’s volunteer program

The White House on Wednesday praised an experimental program in Oregon that charges a mileage tax to volunteer drivers, adding to signals that President Donald ... read more

 Japan Times20 hours ago
Apple mum amid reports it’s in talks with miners to secure cobalt supplies

Apple Inc. is talking to major cobalt producers to secure supplies of the material vital for the lithium-ion rechargeable batteries that power its mobile phones, ... read more

 Japan Times20 hours ago
Asian retailer Lotte accepts resignation from jailed co-CEO

Lotte says its holding company's board has accepted the resignation of its co-CEO, who has been convicted of bribery and embezzlement. The Asian retail and chewing gum giant…... read more

 Japan Today21 hours ago
Slowing U.S. auto sales prompts Japan automakers to rethink discounts

A second year of slowing growth in the U.S. auto market is forcing Japanese automakers to look beyond discounts to grow market share and focus more on boosting…... read more

 Japan Today21 hours ago
EU anti-trust watchdog imposes big cartel fines

The European Union's anti-trust watchdog is sounding the warning to business cartels by announcing fines totaling more than half a billion euros ($600 million) in three anti-trust cases.…... read more

 Japan Today21 hours ago
Bitcoins for free? Another Japanese cryptocurrency exchange lands itself in hot water

A blunder at a Japanese cryptocurrency exchange let investors briefly buy bitcoins for free _ though none were able to profit from the mistake.Zaif, a ... read more

 Japan TimesYesterday
Dollar climbs above ¥107.50 in Tokyo

The dollar advanced to top ¥107.50 in Tokyo trading Wednesday thanks to a continued wave of buybacks.At 5 p.m., the dollar stood at ¥107.77, up ... read more

 Japan TimesYesterday
Nikkei recovers from afternoon fallback to end higher

The benchmark Nikkei average managed to close higher on the Tokyo Stock Exchange on Wednesday, recovering from its sudden downturn in the afternoon session.The 225-issue ... read more

 Japan TimesYesterday
TPP remains largely unchanged in attempt to lure back U.S., Japanese official says

While President Donald Trump's decision to pull the U.S. from the Trans-Pacific Partnership initially put the deal on life support in January 2017, details released ... read more

 Japan TimesYesterday
Japanese power firms race to go digital as competition heats up in liberalized market

Domestic power companies are racing to introduce digital technologies, including the "internet of things" and artificial intelligence, to cope with a changing business environment.Pressure to ... read more

 Japan TimesYesterday
Abe calls for foreign employment review to increase skilled workers

The government will consider expanding the scope of foreign nationals permitted to work in Japan as Prime Minister Shinzo Abe called Tuesday for a review of the existing…... read more

 Japan TodayYesterday
Japan needs to consider steps to ease impact of 2019 sales tax hike, Abe says

The government should study specific steps to cushion the economic impact of the planned consumption tax hike in 2019, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has said."We ... read more

 Japan TimesYesterday
Japan’s Hankyu realty taps Indonesian condo market

Property developer Hankyu Realty Co. has forayed into its fourth overseas market, joining Japanese and Indonesian partners in a project to build a condominium complex ... read more

 Japan TimesYesterday
Mitsubishi Corp. to increase stake in Mitsubishi Motors to 20%

Mitsubishi Corp. took steps Wednesday to increase its equity stake in Mitsubishi Motors Corp. from 9.24 percent to about 20 percent on a voting-rights basis.In ... read more

 Japan TimesYesterday
‘Herbivore’ investor Haruhiro Nakano takes on lions of Japanese finance

In a tiny, windowless meeting room high above the streets of Tokyo, Haruhiro Nakano starts to cry. The rail-thin, 54-year-old fund manager, who looks like ... read more

 Japan TimesYesterday
Final version of Trans-Pacific trade deal released, with rules sought by U.S. on ice

The final version of a landmark deal aimed at cutting trade barriers in some of the Asia-Pacific's fastest-growing economies was released Wednesday, signaling that the ... read more

 Japan TimesYesterday
Japan hopes U.S. returns to TPP but overhaul tough, says negotiator

Japan welcomes a positive stance by the United States toward an Asia-Pacific trade pact, but indicated that altering the agreement at this point would be very difficult. Japan's chief negotiator for the... read more

 Asahi SimbunYesterday
Analyzing eyebrow trends seen offering clues to Japan’s stock market situation

With Japan's stock market having slipped away from strategists' targets set at the start of the year, investors seeking alternative analysis could consider studying eyebrows.Thick ... read more

 Japan TimesYesterday
Uber CEO eyes Japan taxi partnerships as Asia trip underscores firm’s persistent global ambitions

Uber Technologies Inc. isn't ready to give up the world.Dara Khosrowshahi, in his first trip to Asia since becoming chief executive officer, made it clear ... read more

 Japan TimesYesterday
Walmart’s bruising battle with Amazon saps its 4Q results

Walmart is getting bruised in its battle with online leader Amazon.The world's largest retailer on Tuesday reported a smaller-than-expected fourth-quarter profit as it wrestled with ... read more

 Japan TimesYesterday
FCC reversal of net neutrality rules expected to be published Thursday, paving way for suits

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission is expected to publish on Thursday its December order overturning the landmark Obama-era net neutrality rules, two sources briefed on ... read more

 Japan TimesYesterday
Firm boasts success in preventive treatment for peanut allergies

The first treatment to help prevent serious allergic reactions to peanuts may be on the way. A company said Tuesday that its daily capsules of ... read more

 Japan TimesYesterday
Lesser-known North Korea cyberspy group seen extending reach to Japan and Mideast

A North Korean cyberespionage group previously known only for targeting South Korea's government and private sector deepened its sophistication and hit further afield, including in ... read more

 Japan TimesYesterday
Facebook co-founder wants wealthy taxed to give U.S. citizens ‘fair shot’ at guaranteed income

A $500 monthly check from the government for every American earning less than $50,000, financed by taxing the wealthy, would provide financial stability for millions ... read more

 Japan TimesYesterday
Mitsubishi unit offers takeover bid for shares of Mitsubishi Motors

Mitsubishi Corp. said on Tuesday it will raise its stake in Mitsubishi Motors Corp. via a tender offer, which will be worth about 120 billion yen. The trading house will buy shares in the carmaker held by... read more

 Asahi SimbunYesterday
Hotel oversupply feared as firms rush to build before Olympics

Concerns are rising about a possible oversupply of hotels in major cities across Japan, as companies rush to open new ones in the run-up to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics. Hotels were previously... read more

 Asahi SimbunYesterday
Sony jumps into Japan's taxi market with AI app plans

Electronics giant Sony announced a plan Tuesday to provide an AI-based ride-hailing system to Japanese cab companies, while another taxi firm said they were in talks with Uber…... read more

 Japan TodayYesterday
S Korea launches WTO trade challenge against U.S. duties

South Korea has launched a wide-ranging complaint at the World Trade Organization to challenge the U.S. use of anti-subsidy and anti-dumping duties, citing their use on steel and…... read more

 Japan TodayYesterday
Uber to introduce service across Japan by around 2020: CEO

Uber Technologies Inc. aims to introduce its ride-hailing services across Japan in around 2020 by joining hands with local taxi firms, its chief executive officer said Tuesday. (Kyodo)... read more

 News on JapanYesterday
Utility poles to be removed from 1,400 km of roads

Japan's land ministry plans to remove utility poles and bury overhead cables along 1,400 kilometers of roads over the next 3 years. (NHK?)... read more

 News on JapanYesterday
Just how successful could casinos be in Japan?

It was in December 2016 that casino gambling was first legalised throughout Japan, finally putting an end to a 15-year hiatus during which politicians basically argued with each other. ( read more

 News on Japan2 days ago
Tokyo stocks fall back on profit-taking

The Nikkei 225 average snapped a three-session winning streak Tuesday, with the market pressured by selling to lock in profits.The Tokyo Stock Exchange's benchmark lost ... read more

 Japan Times2 days ago