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WEF, Brexit and the Trump effect

Here is a selection of stories we're looking ahead to in the week of January 22, 2018.  Monday All eyes will be on the Swiss resort of Davos this week, as key figures including US President Donald Trump fly in for the World Economic Forum from Ja... read more

 SWISS INFO37 minutes ago

Swiss banks benefit from exchange rates, study finds

A study of over 40 Swiss finance institutions has revealed ‘striking’ differences in exchange rates for banknotes and currencies as well as the addition of hefty mark-ups and fees. Online banking and insurance comparison service examine... read more

 SWISS INFO18 hours ago
A magnificent man in his flying machine

Swiss carpenter Michel Porchet has built a 1913 “Grandjean” aeroplane, based purely on old photographs. The Yverdon School of Engineering in canton Vaud provided the engine. (SRF/ René Grandjean was a Swiss aviation pioneer, who designe... read more

 SWISS INFOYesterday
SIHH Geneva posts visitor record

The Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie (SIHH) – a luxury watch fair in Geneva – has concluded on a successful note, with a record number of almost 20,000 visitors, the organisers have said. In a statement on Friday, the SIHH said that the n... read more

 SWISS INFOYesterday
Airbnb in Zug: both sides hail good cooperation

The first agreement between a Swiss canton and online sharing platform Airbnb – that involves the collection of tourist tax - has been hailed a success by both sides. The comments came in a statement on Friday to mark six months of cooperation betw... read more

 SWISS INFOYesterday
Gevers plans to reboot embattled Tezos Foundation

Tezos Foundation president Johann Gevers has tweeted plans to rebuild the Tezos Foundation as a “heavily weighted” Swiss project. This follows a months-long ongoing feud with the French-American Tezos creators Arthur and Kathleen Breitman. “After mo... read more

 SWISS INFOYesterday
Merkel expected at WEF

German chancellor Angela Merkel will be attending the World Economic Forum (WEF) annual meeting in Davos next week, it has been announced. But she will not meet US President Donald Trump. The two leaders will be visiting WEF on different days. The ... read more

 SWISS INFOYesterday
Nestlé hopes pink KitKat will be big in Japan

Swiss food group Nestlé hopes to sweeten the outlook for its global confectionery business by launching versions of its popular KitKat bars made out of newly developed “ruby” chocolate. Ruby KitKats, which will be sold initially in Japan and South K... read more

 SWISS INFO2 days ago
Nestlé to move chocolate research from Switzerland to UK

The Swiss food giant Nestlé is transfering its chocolate research centre from Broc in canton Fribourg to York in the north of England. Some 25 jobs are affected but the existing chocolate factory in the Swiss town is not threatened. On Thursday, a ... read more

 SWISS INFO2 days ago
Trump and Swiss president to meet in Davos

Swiss President Alain Berset will have an official meeting with US President Donald Trump at the World Economic Forum (WEF) annual meeting in Davos next week, it has been confirmed.  The World Economic Forum showcase event will take place in the ski... read more

 SWISS INFO2 days ago
Bern police investigate ‘Kill Trump’ demo banner

Bern cantonal police have confirmed that they are investigating a provocative banner that read “Kill Trump With His Own Weapon!” used in an anti-World Economic Forum (WEF) rally in the Swiss capital last weekend.  The banner, which featured at the... read more

 SWISS INFO2 days ago
Pesticide and online gambling bans to go to vote

Voters are likely to have the final say on a parliamentary decision to ban online gambling in casinos outside Switzerland as well as an initiative aimed at banning subsidies for farmers who use pesticides. Citizens committees and political groups ha... read more

 SWISS INFO2 days ago
Swiss authorities to consider blockchain supervision

The federal authorities have set up a special working group to look into how to properly oversee blockchain technologies and initial coin offerings (ICO). The Swiss taskforce is set to report back by the end of 2018.  The State Secretariat for Inter... read more

 SWISS INFO2 days ago
Anti-pesticide farm initiative passes the signature stage

Campaigners have handed in 114,420 signatures by Swiss citizens in favour of the “Clean Drinking Water and Healthy Food" initiative, which aims to cut direct subsidies to farmers who use pesticides or antibiotics.  The text of the initiative, presen... read more

 SWISS INFO2 days ago
UBS bank predicts big drop in rental prices

In its annual real estate report, Switzerland’s largest bank predicts that new apartment rental prices in the country will fall by almost 10% over the coming three years. The drop will be driven by stabilising interest rates and rising competition, i... read more

 SWISS INFO2 days ago
Swiss licence fee vote: the demands and potential consequences

On March 4, the Swiss will vote on getting rid of the compulsory radio and television licence fee. If they say yes, Switzerland will become the first country in Europe to abolish the bulk of its public-service broadcasting. What are the arguments and... read more

 SWISS INFO3 days ago
Plans presented to improve Swiss road network

The government has outlined its proposals to improve Switzerland's national road network. By 2040 about a fifth of the network is forecast to be stretched beyond current capacity, which is why, according to Transport Minister Doris Leuthard, signifi... read more

 SWISS INFO3 days ago
Extreme weather closes Swiss roads and rail lines

High winds from the latest winter storm to hit Switzerland have knocked down trees and blocked roads and rail lines. The winds from storm "Evi" reached speeds of up to 163 kilometres per hour (101 miles per hour) in the high Alps. In the lowlands, i... read more

 SWISS INFO4 days ago
Republicans Overseas: Trump’s Davos visit is about ‘America First’

The presence of United States President Donald Trump at next week’s WEF meeting in Davos is a chance for Switzerland to discuss American corporate tax reform. James Foley, a Geneva-based member of Republicans Overseas, told Swiss public radio, RTS, ... read more

 SWISS INFO4 days ago
Swiss regions lean on Airbnb to collect tourist tax

As the number of Airbnb offers in Switzerland continues to grow, cantons and parliamentarians continue to discuss ways to regulate the rental platform. So far, Zug is the only canton which has reached an agreement with Airbnb; since July 2016 the w... read more

 SWISS INFO5 days ago
Swiss football: punching above its weight or Europe’s punching bag?

As the Swiss national team goes from strength to strength in preparing for the World Cup in Russia, we dig into the numbers to explore the struggles of the domestic league. On the surface, Swiss football is enjoying something of a purple patch. The... read more

 SWISS INFO5 days ago
Swiss bank Vontobel adds ‘exciting’ to job description

??????? Uncontroversial, conservative, even dull: one of Zurich’s largest banks wants to overhaul the characteristics traditionally associated with Switzerland’s financial services industry. Zeno Staub, chief executive of Vontobel, has ordered a re... read more

 SWISS INFO5 days ago
Swiss companies improve performance in global retail market

Swiss retail giants Migros and Coop have each jumped two spots in an annual ranking of the world’s biggest retail companies, published on Monday by consultancy Deloitte. With sales of $24.1 billion and $22.4 billion respectively, Migros and Coop cl... read more

 SWISS INFO5 days ago
Swiss fact: nearly 50% of Swiss GDP comes from 4 cantons

Switzerland is made up of 26 cantons - technically four are half cantons - each with its own distinct taxes, education system, hospitals and government. Land area varies significantly, from 37 sq/km Basel-Stadt to 7,105 sq/km Graubünden. Population i... read more

 LE NEWS5 days ago
Swiss franc could hit 1.22 by year end, according to economists

According to Le Matin, economists at Swiss Life think the rise of the Swiss franc is over and predict it will weaken to 1.22 to the euro by the end of the year. At the same time they point to risks that could send the currency in the opposite directi... read more

 LE NEWS5 days ago
Geneva ex-banker accused of massive fraud

A trial is underway in Geneva of a former Credit Suisse banker accused of causing losses of more than $100 million (CHF97 million) to his eastern European clients. The 54-year-old French citizen is accused of fraud and forgery in at least 12 cases, ... read more

 SWISS INFO5 days ago
Government minister calls for media quality and diversity

Communications Minister Doris Leuthard has made a strong case for media diversity in Switzerland to bolster the country’s democracy. In a wide-ranging interview on Monday with the Watson news platform and several regional newspapers, Leuthard said a... read more

 SWISS INFO6 days ago
SIHH sharpens contrast with Baselworld in battle of the watch fairs

When Fabienne Lupo, who runs the Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie watch fair in Geneva, says its ambition is “to become a kind of Davos of watchmaking”, this is not just an airy ambition of hers. By comparing SIHH, which opened this week, ... read more

 SWISS INFO6 days ago
Swiss inheritance wealth doubles in last 20 years

The Swiss are passing on more inheritance wealth to family, friends and other beneficiaries than ever before - the CHF63 billion ($65 billion) bequeathed in 2015 is double that of 20 years ago, according to the NZZ am Sonntag newspaper. The Office f... read more

 SWISS INFO6 days ago
WEF demos: police demand more cash to control protests

The imminent arrival of United States President Donald Trump in Davos has led to fears of increased demonstrations against the World Economic Forum. Swiss police are therefore demanding greater funding to cope with the protesters. A protest of wel... read more

 SWISS INFO6 days ago
Football, snowfall and Trump free fall

Here is a selection of stories we're looking ahead to in the week of January 15, 2018. Tuesday The Swiss national football team has been doing well of late, but not much is known about the country’s Super League. We look at why, and consider ... read more

 SWISS INFO7 days ago
“Kill Trump” banner unfurled at anti-WEF rally

More than 1,000 people took to the streets of the Swiss capital, Bern, to protest against the forthcoming World Economic Forum. Organisers say numbers were boosted by the announced participation of United States President Donald Trump in Davos. The ... read more

 SWISS INFO7 days ago
Thieves take Swiss family hostage and flee to France with gold

Six individuals took a businessman’s family hostage at dawn on Friday at their home in La Chaux-de-Fonds, northwest Switzerland, forcing the man to hand over an unspecified amount of gold. They took the loot and fled across the border to France, wher... read more

 SWISS INFO8 days ago
Are we facing a chocolate crisis?

By one estimate we could only have thirty years left to enjoy chocolate. Here’s why.... read more

 SWISS INFO9 days ago
How a village profits from a giant downhill ski race

The Lauberhorn, the oldest and longest race on the FIS Ski World Cup circuit taking place this weekend, puts the Swiss resort of Wengen on the world stage once a year. Could the village survive without it?  “Lauberhorn is why Wengen is so famous and... read more

 SWISS INFO9 days ago
Swiss want only five bilateral treaties under EU framework agreement

According to an unpublished list that was revealed in some Swiss papers, Switzerland wants only five of around 120 bilateral treaties with the European Union to figure in a future institutional framework agreement.  A report on foreign economic poli... read more

 SWISS INFO9 days ago
The number of people on welfare continues to rise in Switzerland

In 2016, around 273,000 people, 3.3% of the population, received welfare in Switzerland. The number (not the rate) was 2.9% higher than the year before and 15.7% higher than 5 years earlier when the rate was 3.0%. Rates of those receiving government ... read more

 LE NEWS9 days ago
Chinese bitcoin mining giant sets up Swiss hub

One of the world’s largest bitcoin miners is setting up a hub for European operations in Switzerland, a person familiar with company has confirmed to The Chinese firm Bitmain Technologies is setting up in Zug just as the Chinese authori... read more

 SWISS INFO9 days ago
Here’s to you, Swiss Family Robinson

Johann David Wyss, who died exactly 200 years ago, wrote the most-translated Swiss book ever: Swiss Family Robinson. Yet, at home, both Wyss and his book remain practically invisible and firmly in the shadow of a certain Alpine orphan, Heidi.  “This... read more

 SWISS INFO10 days ago
Swiss companies leaking executives abroad

Multinational companies based in Switzerland are increasingly moving experienced executives abroad to run production sites in lower-cost countries, according to a jobs placement company. The trend has been blamed on regulatory uncertainty in the Swis... read more

 SWISS INFO10 days ago
Switzerland has more job vacancies than jobseekers

Speaking to Tages-Anzeiger, Cornel Müller, director of marketing at x28, Switzerland’s largest job search aggregator, said there was a large jump in the number of jobs available in Switzerland compared to one year ago. At the end of 2017, 178,000 vac... read more

 LE NEWS10 days ago
Switzerland bans crustacean cruelty

As part of an overall animal protection reform, the Swiss government has banned the common practice of boiling live lobsters. As part of an overall animal protection reform, the Swiss government has banned the common practice of boiling live lobster... read more

 SWISS INFO10 days ago
Swiss printer and bookseller announce closures and job cuts

Swiss printer Ringier Print has confirmed its plans to close its plant in the Lucerne suburb of Adligenswil – which will result in the loss of 172 jobs.  Ringier had already announced in early November that its newspaper printing plant would be shut... read more

 SWISS INFO10 days ago
Switzerland stays attractive for companies and top earners

Switzerland remains an attractive tax destination for both companies and top earners in 2017, according to a survey of major global business locations published on Wednesday. But it warned planned US tax reform will increase competition. The BAK tax... read more

 SWISS INFO10 days ago
Why should WEF appeal to the US President?

United States President Donald Trump has stirred up Switzerland by announcing he will attend the World Economic Forum in Davos later this month. It won’t be an official state visit, so what’s the big deal and what is WEF all about? Trump will be the... read more

 SWISS INFO10 days ago
Swiss start-ups choose a new way of doing business

Initial Coin Offering (ICO), an unregulated means of raising funds for cryptocurrency ventures, is experiencing a kind of gold rush, with Swiss companies among the first to get on board. (SRF/ An increasing number of startups use ICOs t... read more

 SWISS INFO11 days ago
A walk through Gondo

A short tour of Gondo reveals the isolation of a village nestled between towering mountains.... read more

 SWISS INFO11 days ago
Interior of a crypto mine

Gondo's crypto mine has filled a municipal building full of servers, wires, pipes and flashing lights.... read more

 SWISS INFO11 days ago
Cryptocurrency mining to restore Alpine village’s goldrush fever

A new kind of mine is providing hope for a Swiss mountain village that has seen its share of misfortune over the years. Gondo, with 40 inhabitants, is no longer mining for gold, but for cryptocurrencies. On the face of it, Gondo - an isolated commun... read more

 SWISS INFO11 days ago
Train services to Zermatt remain suspended

Traffic links to the mountain resort of Zermatt in the Swiss Alps are closed for a second day because of a risk of avalanches. The local authorities said they needed more time to remove snow from an avalanche which came down in past few days before ... read more

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