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Exports sweeten turnovers for Swiss chocolate makers

Despite a decline in domestic consumption, sales of Swiss chocolate grew by 3.1% in 2017 thanks to foreign demand.  On Thursday, the Federation of Swiss Chocolate Manufacturers (Chocosuisse) reported total sales of CHF1.85 billion ($1.98 billion) fo... read more

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Swiss hotel bookings on a high note

After several difficult years, the Swiss hotel industry is recovering. There were 37.4 million overnight stays in 2017 – 5.2% more than in the previous year and nearly as many as the record years of 1990 and 2008. The increase came from locals as we... read more

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How the UN pushed to make business more responsible

For over 50 years, the United Nations has been urging companies to be more respectful of human rights. Political scientist Gilles Carbonnier examines the key UN processes and milestones in the slow acceptance of corporate social responsibility, as Sw... read more

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Bringing Swiss order to initial coin offerings

Switzerland, as a financial centre, has a double reputation. On the one hand, clockwork: practical, competent, reliable. On the other, chocolate: indulgent and dark. The country’s private banks are still living down their reputations as facilitators... read more

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Swiss government wants old banknotes to be valid indefinitely

The deadline of 20 years to exchange recalled banknotes should be abolished, the Federal Council suggested on Wednesday. The current system, which was introduced in 1921, operates under the assumption that discontinued notes which are not returned ... read more

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Legal complaint against PostBus will not be pursued

The Office of the Attorney General’s and the public prosecutor of the Canton of Bern have declared that they do not have the competence to investigate the revelations of illegal subsidies in the ongoing PostBus scandal. The two offices released a j... read more

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Working the land like our ancestors did

Can agroforestry fight soil and air pollution?... read more

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Geneva to Zurich for half the price of a Swiss train

Switzerland’s transport authority (OFT) recently gave Domo Swiss Express SA, a Zurich-based bus company, a green light to run three routes across Switzerland. The first will run from Zurich to Lugano, via Basel and Luzern, the second from St. Gallen ... read more

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Switzerland’s Gotthard Base Tunnel wins European Railway Award

The 2018 European Railway Award has been awarded to two pioneers of the  Gotthard Base Tunnel, the longest rail tunnel in the world that runs under the Gotthard massif in the Swiss Alps.  Peter Jedelhauser of Swiss Railways and Renzo Simoni, former ... read more

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Minister meets agriculture to smooth Mercosur trade deal

Economic Affairs Minister Johann Schneider-Ammann wants to speed up a free trade agreement between Switzerland and the Latin American countries of Mercosur, but there is concern in the agricultural sector.  “A free trade agreement without the agricu... read more

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Coop boycotts 150 Nestlé products over price disagreement

According to Swiss broadcaster RTS, Swiss retailer Coop, along with five other members of AgeCore SA, a Geneva-based purchasing alliance, have decided to boycott 150 Nestlé products in the hope of striking a better deal on price. Sales to AgeCore SA ... read more

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Famous castle faces funding shortfall

Chillon Castle on Lake Geneva is one of the most impressive and most visited medieval castles in Europe, but its managers are now worried about its upkeep. (SRF/  Last year, it attracted over 400,000 tourists, a record number. Now the m... read more

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Swiss Post Bus company invested heavily in France and lost millions

The Post has been operating its French subsidiary, CarPostal France at a huge financial loss, reported Swiss public television, SRF, on Monday. The company is also accused of having used a price dumping policy to unfairly increase its market share in... read more

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2017 sees big boom in internet shopping

Swiss consumers are increasingly turning to the internet for shopping. Online sales were up by 10% in 2017, with a 23% increase in online purchases from abroad. The total sales generated from online shopping in 2017 was CHF8.6 billion ($9.2 billion... read more

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Swiss Icon: a symbolic expression of Switzerland

What comes to your mind when you think of Switzerland? Chocolate, banks, luxury watches? These omnipresent images are not only indispensable products in everyday Swiss life. They are also considered symbols of Swiss tradition by people all around the... read more

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First low-cost bus licence award to Swiss company

The Federal Office for Transport (FOT) announced Monday that the Domo travel group has been awarded the first ever authorization to provide low-cost bus services on three national routes in Switzerland. The company plans to begin operating in March... read more

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'Swissmade' label: the pros and cons

In recent years, the Swiss watch-making industry has suffered from the strong Swiss franc and export-related difficulties. The figures are gradually improving. But for some companies the “Swissness” rule, which was made more stringent a year ago, is ... read more

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Aid agencies in the eye of the storm

It’s the perfect storm. Aid workers – the world’s modern-day saints in many eyes – are suddenly portrayed in the headlines as the vilest of sinners. The scandal around mega charity Oxfam, in which senior staff members are alleged to have used prosti... read more

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SoftBank seeks to join Swiss Re board

SoftBank, the Japanese tech-to-financial conglomerate, is seeking to join Swiss Re’s board to influence how the reinsurer manages its $161billion (CHF149.2 billion) in investments, as talks progress over the acquisition of a large minority stake. Ma... read more

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Olympic Games revenue distorts Swiss GDP

Many prestigious sports associations, including the International Olympic Committee (IOC), are based in Switzerland. According to a Sunday report by the SonntagsZeitung, their budgets are so large that they have the undesirable side-effect of produci... read more

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US supermarket giant Walmart now selling Swiss-made chocolate

Swiss retailer Coop is producing bars for Walmart’s own-brand chocolate, the SonntagsZeitung reported on Sunday. The chocolate is produced in a newly established production centre near Basel and has been available in Walmart stores since last year, ... read more

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Switzerland and Saudi Arabia sign double-taxation agreement

Switzerland’s Finance Minister Ueli Maurer has signed an agreement with his Saudi Arabian counterpart on double taxation between the two countries, the finance ministry announced on Sunday. The accord finalises negotiations that began back in 2010. ... read more

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Adoption, Blockchain, and Carnival

Here are the stories we'll be following the week of February 19, 2018: Monday The famous Basel Carnival, which runs from Monday until Wednesday, will kick off this morning with the ‘Morgestraich’ parade. The Basel ‘Fasnacht’ is Switzerland’s l... read more

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Diagnostic tool developed by Swiss public health experts ready for scale-up in Nigeria

Last year, the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute (TPH) developed a tablet-based tool to improve diagnosis and treatment of children under the age of five. According to a TPH press release on Thursday, the technology is now ready for scale-up... read more

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By the numbers: public purse bulges while e-cars on the rise

Almost every article published by contains a percentage, an age, an amount of money or some other figure. Here’s a round-up of the most interesting statistics to appear in the past week’s stories. Monday 1,200 Kurds living in Switze... read more

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Partial ruling in train accessibility case

The Swiss Federal Railways will be temporarily allowed to roll out six of its new double-decker trains, following a legal challenge by groups representing Swiss wheelchair users that had suspended their use. Inclusion Handicap filed the legal compla... read more

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News Agency calls for help in job cuts conflict

After three weeks of talks, management and staff at the Swiss News Agency (SDA-ATS) have not managed to reach an agreement on job cuts, and are now calling for the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) to mediate. Both sides agreed to the ca... read more

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Swiss financial watchdog publishes ICO guidelines

The Swiss financial watchdog has published guidelines on digital currency fundraisers - known as initial coin offerings - under which it will regulate some ICOs, either under anti-money laundering laws or as securities.   The Financial Market Superv... read more

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Is it time for public transport to lift off?

Lake Zurich is to get a new cable car, and other Swiss cities could be going down the same route.... read more

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How does Switzerland spend its taxpayers' money?

After the government revealed a large surplus in Switzerland's public finances earlier this week, we wondered how the country spends its money.  +Read about Switzerland's large CHF2.8 billion surplus Spending on social welfare remains the single la... read more

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World Chess Federation’s Swiss bank accounts frozen over president’s Syria connection

The Swiss bank accounts of the World Chess Federation (FIDE) have been frozen because its Russian president is under US sanctions for alleged dealings with the Syrian government, according to FIDE and media reports.  This is in line with Switzerland... read more

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A Swiss director in Hollywood

The film “The Divine Order” directed by Petra Volpe was a hit at the box office in Switzerland and also attracted considerable attention abroad. Swiss public television, SRF, visited Petra Volpe in Hollywood, where she's meeting big-name producers an... read more

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Number plate sale sets new record at auction

A number plate for the Swiss canton of Zug has sold anonymously at auction for CHF233,000 ($253,353), breaking the previous record of CHF161,000. For now, the buyer of the “ZG 10” plate remains unknown, as the item was sold on Wednesday at an anonym... read more

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Car importer’s association calls for four-fold increase in electric vehicles

The Swiss car importer’s organisation Auto-Suisse has set an “ambitious” goal for the number of new electric or rechargeable hybrid vehicles travelling on Swiss roads: one in ten by 2020. In 2017, the proportion of new electric vehicles in Switzerl... read more

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Switzerland tops latest financial secrecy index

While Switzerland isn’t the most financially secretive nation in the Tax Justice Network’s recently published report, its combination of size and secrecy pushed it into first place, the worst rank in the Financial Secrecy Index 2018. Size is factored... read more

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Bad weather causes lack of Swiss apples and pears

Stocks of local apples and pears are running out owing to frosts last spring. The government has authorized imports, but the situation remains difficult for sellers of local fruit, reports Swiss broadcaster RTS.  Spring 2017 was disastrous for local... read more

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Judicial complaint filed over PostBus scandal

The Federal Office of Transport has filed a legal complaint to the Attorney General’s office and judicial authorities of Bern canton in connection with the scandal hitting the Swiss PostBus company.  The complaint for possible breaches of administra... read more

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Swiss public accounts better than expected in 2017

Swiss government accounts closed with a surplus of CHF2.8 billion ($3 billion) for 2017, compared with a forecast deficit of CHF250 million, Finance Minister Ueli Maurer said at a press conference in Bern on Wednesday. This was due mainly to higher-t... read more

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Swiss supermarkets, not florists, supply ethical roses this Valentine’s

Along with Mother’s Day, Valentine’s is the biggest event of the year for flower sellers in Switzerland. But while more than 1 million red roses are expected to be sold on the “day of love”, only half are estimated to carry a fair trade label. Thou... read more

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European banks break ranks over cryptocurrencies

A handful of smaller European banks are breaking ranks with the rest of the sector by giving investors access to cryptocurrencies and advising on initial coin offerings, despite an intensifying effort by regulators to clamp down on the area. Vontobe... read more

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Fight against addictions requires ‘new approach’

The authorities must carry out more research to better understand the addictive risks of new products such as electronic cigarettes and legal cannabis, and impose a new legal framework, the non-governmental organization Addiction Switzerland says. ... read more

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Surgeons and insurers agree to flat-fee pricing

Swiss health insurance companies and surgeons have reached agreement on charging flat rates for certain ophthalmic operations. Talks are continuing regarding other surgical areas. The move is seen as a step towards reducing rising health costs.  San... read more

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Switzerland to increase aid partnerships with private sector

The Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) plans to double the number of partnerships with the private sector in the next two years, it announced at its annual conference in Bern on Tuesday.  "We currently have 30 partnerships with the p... read more

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Swiss businesses in China upbeat after record export year

According to a survey, 72% of Swiss business leaders in China expect “higher” or “substantially higher” sales of goods from Switzerland to China and Hong Kong in 2018 than in 2017, when exports reached a record CHF16.7 billion ($17.9 billion). Just... read more

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Swiss small-business owners debate media fee

Switzerland’s Federation of Small- and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) supports a proposal to do away with mandatory licence fees for public service broadcasters, which will come to a nationwide vote on March 4. Two of its members sat down to discuss... read more

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Let it shine!

How to harness the power of the sun to reduce monthly bills.... read more

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Swiss citizen confirmed as victim of Moscow plane crash

A Swiss man is among the 71 people who died in a Moscow plane crash on Sunday, the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA) confirmed on Monday in Bern. “The FDFA has been in touch with the relatives of the victim. Foreign minister Ignazio Cassi... read more

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Frost and heat reduce Swiss wine harvest

Extreme weather over the past year has led to the smallest wine harvest in nearly four decades, although these same conditions favoured a good-quality product. The 79 million litres of red and white wine of the 2017 vintage – a decrease of 27% compa... read more

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Swiss Post CEO rejects blame for PostBus subsidies scandal

The head of Swiss Post, Susanne Ruoff, has refused to step down for errors she admits were made at the PostBus subsidiary company regarding the manipulation of accounts to claim tens of millions of francs worth of federal and cantonal subsidies.  “I... read more

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How to make it down a sledge route in one piece

It might seem like a harmless leisure activity, but sledging can be dangerous. Every year in Switzerland, over 7,000 people sustain injuries such as sprains, strains, bruises or fractures while sledging, and over the last decade, eight people have di... read more

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