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Argentine union leader Moyano remembered Macri where the real opposition stands

Argentina's teamsters powerful boss, Hugo Moyano supported by members from banks, judicial and teachers unions, plus social, picketers and left wing groupings, together with Kirchner followers marched on downtown Buenos Aires Wednesday evening for a ... read more

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US share of global sales of soybean and grains to shrink as South American competition grows

The U.S. Department of Agriculture sees U.S. corn and soybean exports generally increasing over the coming decade but the U.S. share of global sales will shrink as competition from South American producers heats up, the government said in its annual ... read more

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Illinois farm industry concerned with main competitors Argentina and Brazilian growth

A market study tour in January to Argentina and Brazil by the US state of Illinois Farm Bureau helped farm bureau leaders and Illinois farmers learn more about their chief competitors. Tamara Nelsen, senior director of commodities at the Illinois Far... read more

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Malvinas fallen relatives will be flying to Falklands at the end of March, says Argentine media

The next of kin of 103 Argentine combatants fallen during the 1982 Falklands conflict will be travelling to the Islands next 26 March with the purpose of honoring the 88 unknown conscripts, buried at the Darwin cemetery, that were finally identified ... read more

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Union leader political rally in Buenos Aires to challenge Macri and his policies

The Argentine powerful teamsters union will be holding their first political rally in downtown Buenos Aires this Wednesday in a clear defiance of President Mauricio Macri's policies to combat inflation, launch the economy and attract foreign direct i... read more

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Falklands' second commercial air link invitation delivered to Uruguay

Representatives from Argentina and the United Kingdom formally delivered on Monday, to the Uruguayan foreign minister a letter jointly issued by the two governments requesting assistance in contacting local airlines and inviting them to communicate t... read more

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Argentina moves closer to the US in security and crime-fighting policies

Argentina is taking new steps to solidify its security relationship with the United States, a move that may be aimed at generating support — both political and material — for a shift toward more hard-line domestic crime-fighting policies. In a trip t... read more

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Argentine January inflation 1.8%; minister admits it is a slower pace than expected

Argentina's Consumer Price Index (CPI) rose by 1.8% in January 2018, after increasing 3.1% in December 2017, said the country's statistics office Indec. Despite the deceleration, the reading was higher than market expectations for the monthly consume... read more

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Madrid warned "Playa Pesmar Uno" five times it was sailing into Argentine waters

The Spanish Fishing Monitoring Center, CSP, located in Madrid had revealed it warned the trawler "Playa Pesmar Uno" five times that is was sailing into Argentine waters before it was finally arrested by the Argentine authorities, according to Albert... read more

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Falklands' second weekly commercial air link talks take off, and should crystallize by next October

The United Kingdom and Argentina, following on the September 2016 joint communiqué to establish additional air links with the Falkland Islands, jointly announced on Friday that third country airlines interested in such operations will be contacted. I... read more

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Falklands angry with National Geographic; demands apology to the Islands and its people

Anger has been expressed in the Falkland Islands this week over a letter which was sent to the Argentine Governor of Tierra del Fuego, Rosana Bertone, by a representative of the National Geographic Foundation. The letter, dated February 8, contains a... read more

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Madrid warned "Playa Pesmar Uno" five times it was sailing into Argentine waters

The Spanish Fishing Monitoring Center, CSP, located in Madrid has revealed it warned the trawler "Playa Pesmar Uno" five times that is was sailing into Argentine waters before it was finally arrested by the Argentine authorities, according to Albert... read more

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Spain anticipates a new South Atlantic scientific commission sometime this year

Spain's Fisheries authorities believe that in the near future there will be an understanding between Argentina and the Falkland Islands regarding the South Atlantic fisheries since it makes sense to share conservation responsibilities.... read more

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Argentina central bank holds benchmark rate at 27.25%; inflation data on Thursday

Argentina’s central bank held its benchmark seven-day interbank lending rate at 27.25% on Wednesday, the monetary authority said in a statement, amid an increase in inflation expectations and “mixed signals” in prices so far this year.... read more

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Gatwick/Buenos Aires air shuttle by Norwegian start from £259 one-way

This Wednesday, the first ever budget flight from London to South America departs from Gatwick airport. Fares on the 14-hour Norwegian Air Shuttle flight to Buenos Aires start from £259 one-way. The seats are tightly packed and food and luggage cost ... read more

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The Wall Street Journal: "Inflation stalks Macri in Argentina"

The Wall Street Journal has published a piece on the political situation of Argentine president Mauricio Macri, battling inflation, an undelivered electoral pledge, and allegedly very much aware of a long standing spell: no non Peronist president has... read more

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Argentine ambassador and Sukey Cameron at Capt Rick Jolly funeral

Hundreds have attended the funeral of a Royal Navy medical officer who saved hundreds of troops during the Falklands War. Surgeon Capt Rick Jolly, who reputedly saved the life of every British serviceman he treated, died aged 71 on 13 January.... read more

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Interpol facial recognition nets Slovak most wanted murder in Buenos Aires

Police in Buenos Aires have arrested an internationally wanted murder suspect after his image was identified as a likely match by INTERPOL’s facial recognition unit.... read more

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US extends Timerman a new visa who can now fly to New York

United States handed this week a new visa to Argentina's ex foreign minister Hector Timerman, after having revoked the document almost a month ago. Current foreign minister Jorge Faurie was instrumental in obtaining the visa, according to Buenos Aire... read more

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National Geographic apologizes for publishing Malvinas pictures as from the Falklands

National Geographic has apologized to Tierra del Fuego governor Rosana Bertone for publishing in Instagram pictures identified as taken in the Falklands, instead of the Malvinas Islands. According to Ushuaia reports, aware of this situation, the Envi... read more

 Merco Press13 days ago
Busy cruise visitors week for Ushuaia: 20.000 landed during January

Ushuaia in the extreme south of Argentina is experiencing one of the busiest weeks of the current cruise season with six vessels and thousands of visitors calling at the capital of Tierra del Fuego. This includes the "Emerald Princess", which is the ... read more

 Merco Press14 days ago
Arrested Spanish trawler could have sailed into Argentine EEZ because of a mal functioning GPS

The Galician company which owns the “Playa Pesmar Uno” arrested last Sunday by the Argentine Coast Guard allegedly for illegal fishing in the South Atlantic, admits the trawler could have involuntarily sailed into the EEZ, because one of the three GP... read more

 Merco Press14 days ago
Tillerson praises Macri's leadership in the region in favor of democracy

President Mauricio Macri received US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson on Monday at the Olivos official residence. During the forty minutes meeting the main issues of the Argentina/US bilateral agenda were addressed, according to a release from the Ar... read more

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Trucks strike threatens Argentine cereal exports and soy crushing industry

A protest by grain transporters in Argentina could leave exporters and crushers operating without soy, corn and wheat, an industry group said on Monday.... read more

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Falklands' licensed trawler arrested for allegedly fishing in Argentine EEZ

The Argentine Coast Guard has arrested the Falklands' licensed trawler "Playa Pesmar Uno" for allegedly fishing in the Argentine EEZ. According to Argentina she was surprised with 320 tons of fish in the hold, almost a mile inside the EEZ and was esc... read more

 Merco Press16 days ago
China's finance minister visits Argentina ahead of G20: meeting with Macri

Chinese Finance Minister Xiao Jie, visited Argentina last week where he met with president Mauricio Macri and other officials ahead of the upcoming meeting in Buenos Aires of the G20 finance ministers and central banks governors. There was no officia... read more

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Argentine airports company struggles to take off in Wall Street public offering

Shares of Corporacion America Airports struggled to get airborne on their market debut on the New York Stock Exchange on Thursday after the Argentine airport operator priced its initial public offering at the lower end of an already reduced range.... read more

 Merco Press20 days ago
Argentina organizing Falklands charter for relatives of newly identified remains at Darwin cemetery

The Argentine government is organizing a trip to the Falklands with relatives of the 88 combatants buried in Darwin and whose remains were recently identified by a team on international forensic experts, following a humanitarian agreement between UK... read more

 Merco Press20 days ago
NASA satellite keeps track of wildfires in Argentina

Roughly 12,000 wildfires burn each year in Argentina, charring more than 1.3 million hectares (5,000 square miles) of forest and grasslands. The Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) on NASA’s Aqua satellite captured an image of one o... read more

 Merco Press22 days ago
Argentina promotes B20 agenda in London

Daniel Funes de Rioja, Chair of B20, promoted the B20 agenda among British business, chambers, institutions and members of the press at the “B20 Priorities and Challenges” seminar at the Argentine Official Residence in London.... read more

 Merco Press22 days ago
Macri implements pay freeze and eliminates 1.000 "political positions"

President Mauricio Macri said on Monday that government employees in Argentina won't receive pay raises this year as part of a string of measures aimed at cutting spending. Macri also announced the elimination of 1,000 "political positions" and the f... read more

 Merco Press23 days ago
Argentina: Antarctic tribute to lost San Juan crew

They formed the number 44 on the ice as they headed into the Antarctic while performing a traditional military salute next to their ship, the ARA Almirante Irizar. Forty-four submariners on the ARA San Juan were lost in the waters of the South Atlant... read more

 Merco Press23 days ago
Macri and ministers expected to freeze their salaries, for one year, as part of the austerity measures

The government of Argentine president Mauricio Macri is expected to announce on Monday as part of the overall austerity and adjustment programs, a freeze on all top government salaries and the reduction of at least 20% in political nominee posts in t... read more

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Argentina will not recognize Venezuela election results, anticipates Macri

Argentina will not recognize the results of upcoming elections in Venezuela, President Mauricio Macri has said accusing strongman Venezuelan leader Nicolas Maduro of running a "dictatorship".... read more

 Merco Press24 days ago
Macri and Macron agree in most issues, but not in the EU/Mercosur talks

Argentine president Mauricio Macri ended on Friday his European tour in Paris, where he addressed the business community and potential investors, and later held a private meeting with president Emmanuel Macron. According to Argentine sources there is... read more

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"Argentina has left the populist experiment, and no other country has its potential"

Argentina has left behind its populist experiment, and there is no other country with greater potential, Argentine president Mauricio Macri told the World Economic Forum in Davos during a speech to the forum of world political and business leaders.... read more

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Argentine economy expanded 3.9% in November over a year ago

The economic activity index in Argentina, a proxy for the country's Gross Domestic Product (GDP), rose 3.9% in November from a year before - decelerating from October, when the index posted an annual rise of 5.2%.... read more

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Enap Sipetrol acquires offshore block at the Austral basin, Santa Cruz province

Chile's Enap Sipetrol has acquired an offshore block, Octans Pegaso, on the Argentine continental shelf off the coast of Patagonia province of Santa Cruz. The block covers 886 square kilometers and is 20kms off Santa Cruz coast at its closest point t... read more

 Merco Press28 days ago
Macri meets EU leaders in Davos; Argentina sells research reactor to Holland

Argentine president Mauricio Macri held on Wednesday a meeting with the German Chancellor Angela Merkel in the framework of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, in which they discussed German investments in Argentina through Private-Public... read more

 Merco Press28 days ago
Macri and Putin in Moscow reaffirm Argentina/Russia strategic relationship

Argentine President Mauricio Macri and his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, signed on Tuesday a declaration aimed at strengthening bilateral cooperation during a press conference at the Kremlin. Macri told Putin that he hoped this marked the firs... read more

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Macri in European tour to promote Argentina: Moscow, Davos and Paris

Argentine president Mauricio Macri arrived on Monday evening to Moscow the first leg of his latest tour of European countries, and the first of 2018, with the purpose of promoting Argentina and attracting investments. In Moscow president Macri and Fi... read more

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Good start for Argentine squid season: daily average catches of 28 to 35 tons

The squid fishing season in the South Atlantic, operating with Argentine licenses, has started with good prospects and a moderate optimism of the sector. During the first week jiggers reported daily average catches that oscillated between 28 and 35 t... read more

 Merco Press31 days ago
Argentina posted a primary fiscal deficit of 3.9% of GDP during 2017

Argentina posted a primary fiscal deficit worth 3.9% of GDP in 2017, below its 4.2% goal and the 4.6% figure posted in 2016, Treasury Minister Nicolas Dujovne told reporters. He said the government’s 2018 target for a primary fiscal deficit remained ... read more

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Argentina drastically slashes docking services to lower exports' costs

Argentina has set a maximum rate paid for port docking and undocking services, the government said in its official gazette, a change the Transportation Ministry said would slash docking costs by up to 40%. The move comes as President Mauricio Macri s... read more

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Argentina's GDP expanded 2.9% in 2017, bouncing from a 2.2% retraction in 2016

Argentina’s gross domestic product (GDP) expanded by 2.9% in 2017, and grew 0.7% in the fourth quarter from the third quarter, a Treasury Ministry source said on Friday, bouncing back from a 2.2% contraction the prior year.... read more

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EU lifts anti-dumpling duties imposed on Argentine bio-diesel, as indicated by WTO

European Union ambassadors agreed on Thursday to withdraw an appeal to the European Court of Justice meaning the bloc will have to accept its verdict annulling anti-dumping duties imposed on imports of biodiesel from Argentina and Indonesia.... read more

 Merco Press34 days ago
Ex wife of Nisman claims he was killed to silence him and scare judges and prosecutors

Argentina solemnly marked the third anniversary of the murder of Alberto Nisman on Thursday, with relatives and colleagues of the late federal prosecutor — who spent more than a decade investigating Iran’s responsibility for the 1994 bombing of the A... read more

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Francis calls on Mapuches to shun violence, which "turns a most just cause into a lie"

Pope Francis urged Chile’s indigenous Mapuche people on Wednesday to shun violence, saying unity was the best weapon against “the deforestation of hope,” as they struggle to defend their culture and reclaim ancestral lands.... read more

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All cuts of Argentine beef and lamb have full access to the Chinese market

Argentina and China signed a "historic" agreement that opens the huge Asian market to beef and lamb with bone from the South American country, according to Senasa the Argentine agriculture and livestock sanitary office. The deal concludes fifteen yea... read more

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Vatican protocol message to President Macri when Pope overflew Argentina

While overflying Argentine territory on Monday, in his trip to Chile for a three-day visit, Pope Francis sent his "warm greetings" to President Mauricio Macri and called on his fellow Argentines not to forget to pray for him, in his twenty second apo... read more

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