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Argentina economy grows 0.8% in March from a year earlier

Argentina's economy grew 0.8% in March from a year earlier, the Indec statistics agency said on Tuesday. The economy also grew 1.9% in March versus February, Indec said.On Tuesday the Argentines central bank also kept its benchmark interest rate at 2... read more

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Macri returns from Beijing with US$ 17bn for infrastructure and energy projects

Argentine President Mauricio Macri and Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping have signed in Beijing 16 agreements worth at least US$17 billion in areas such as energy and transport infrastructure, confirming the close links between the two countries.... read more

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Malvinas Veterans expose Argentine Judiciary “delay” in addressing human rights abuses during the war

Malvinas Veterans organizations met with members of the Inter American Commission on Human Rights, IACHR, currently in Buenos Aires and complained about the “delay” of Argentine courts in addressing dozens of cases involving human rights abuses commi... read more

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Argentina purchased several refurbished Mirages and engines for Pucaras

Argentine reportedly has agreed to purchase several refurbishedDassault-Breguet Super Étendard fighter bombers originally from the French navy. Apparently the Mirages are similar to those Argentine used during the Falklands conflict in 1982 and will... read more

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Argentina applies to join the China led Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank

Foreign Minister Malcorra Susana said on Wednesday that Argentina has applied to join the China-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) and is willing to be actively involved in the Belt and Road Initiative.... read more

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YPF targets US$ 10 cost per barrel at Vaca Muerta shale deposits, by end of 2018

Argentina's oil corporation YPF plans to match United States costs in developing non conventional energy, by the end of 2018. This refers to the very rich shale deposits of Vaca Muerta, with a target of 10 dollars per barrel and for this purpose it h... read more

 Merco Press6 days ago
An Argentine human rights reference indicted for misuse of public funds

A judge in Argentina has indicted the head of human rights organization the Mothers of Plaza de Mayo. Hebe de Bonafini, 88, has been charged with misusing public funds allocated to a social housing project.... read more

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Argentina joins Beijing's OBOR initiative to promote trade and peace; Macri begins official visit to China

Argentina is a great producer of food commodities and is capable of feeding 400 million people, president Mauricio Macri said addressing in Beijing the One Belt One Road, OBOR, international cooperation summit, the Chinese initiative to promote peace... read more

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Brazil states RAF Hercules flights from or to Falklands are "humanitarian motivated"

The Brazilian government discards any "irregularities" in allowing British military aircraft, flying to or from the Falkland Islands, landing in its airports since the authorizations are humanitarian motivated, revealed a source from the Brazilian go... read more

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Argentina to issue US$ 20bn in sovereign bonds as part of 2017 financial program

Argentina has authorized the sale of US$20 billion in sovereign bonds to be issued under U.S. and British law, according to a decree published in the government gazette on Monday. The bond issuance, to take place under opportune market conditions, is... read more

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Macri begins official visit to China and attends development forum with 27 world leaders

Argentine president Mauricio Macri, First Lady Juliana Awada, and members of the official delegation were received on Sunday by Chinese president Xi Jinping and his wife at the Great Palace of the People, where they were hosted together with 27 worl... read more

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YPF crude and gas output expected to decline 3% in 2017, due to labor problems and bad weather

Argentina's state-run oil firm YPF expects a 3% decline in crude and natural gas output this year due to labor problems and bad weather, Chief Financial Officer Daniel Gonzalez told investors during a conference call in Buenos Aires.... read more

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Argentine officials confident economy exited recession and should grow 3% this year

Argentine Treasury Minister Nicolas Dujovne said he was confident the economy would grow more than 3% this year, while another treasury official said the economy had rebounded in March after declining the prior two months.... read more

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Macri receives Italian president to boost "unique" links and EU/Mercosur talks

President Mauricio Macri met on Monday midday with his Italian counterpart, Sergio Mattarella, who is in Buenos Aires on the first official visit by an Italian president to Argentina in 16 years. The two leaders underlined the unique links between It... read more

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Cristina Fernandez meets Greek leaders, cuts short European tour: no Oxford visit

Argentine ex president Cristina Fernandez met on Monday with Greek parliament speaker Nikos Voutsis and Prime minister Alexis Tsipras, as part of the first leg of her trip to Europe where she travelled following authorization from magistrates, and de... read more

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Mercosur and Japan resume talks on trade and investment opportunities

Mercosur and Japan resumed trade negotiations and exchanged data on the state of their respective agendas regarding the IV chapter of the bilateral dialogue. and reaffirmed their commitment to continue with the talks. The delegations met in Buenos Ai... read more

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"Malvinas March" becomes the official ceremonial music in Tierra del Fuego

The province of Tierra del Fuego in Argentina has made playing the "Malvinas March" mandatory at the end of all institutional, official and military ceremonies organized by any of the three branches of the provincial institutional structure.... read more

 Merco Press16 days ago
Argentina and China will sign contract to construct two nuclear powered plants

Argentina and China will sign next 17 May in Beijing a contract for the construction of two new nuclear powered plants, with an investment of US$ 12.5 billion, according to Argentina's Nuclear energy deputy secretary, Julian Gadano.... read more

 Merco Press18 days ago
Mercosur resumes trade talks with Australia and New Zealand

Mercosur and CER (Closer Economic Relations), with includes Australia and New Zealand, resumed trade talks this week in Buenos Aires, with Argentina currently holding the South American block presidency chairing the meeting.... read more

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Falklands oil exploration: Maersk denies in Argentine court any involvement since 2011

Danish shipping company Maersk has denied involvement in any offshore exploration/exploitation activities in the Falkland Islands, since specific legislation was passed by the Argentine congress. The Argentine Chamber of Tugs accused the Danish compa... read more

 Merco Press19 days ago
Falklands' lawmaker underlines "visas are our business"

"Visas are a matter for the Falkland Islands Government to determine,” confirmed Member of Legislative Assembly Mike Summers this week.Reacting to a story in last Friday’s Penguin News the Argentine Foreign Minister Susana Malcorra claimed in the Arg... read more

 Merco Press19 days ago
Argentina contracts 2D seismic survey in deep waters covering 435,000 sq km

Norway's Spectrum has started a 35,000 km multi-client 2D seismic survey covering 435,000 km2 in the deep waters of Argentina in cooperation with YPF. The survey will provide industry with the first ever detailed seismic grid over this under-explored... read more

 Merco Press20 days ago
Malcorra downplays possibility of Falklands requesting visa for Argentine visitors

Argentine foreign minister downplayed the news that the Falkland Islands could impose a visa system for Argentines visiting the Islands, although admitting the ministry is following the issue closely and insisted that confidence building with the loc... read more

 Merco Press21 days ago
Argentina paid homage to officers and crew that went down with the cruiser General Belgrano 35 years ago

Argentina paid homage on Tuesday to the 323 crew and officers who lost their lives when the Navy's cruiser General Belgrano was sunk on 2 May 1982, by a British submersible in the midst of the Falklands conflict 35 years ago.... read more

 Merco Press21 days ago
Argentina promotes sales to China through e-commerce Alibaba

Argentine president Mauricio Macri and Alibaba Executive Chairman Jack Ma signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on Tuesday in Buenos Aires as a way to open up new trade opportunities and to support merchants that are marketing products on Alibab... read more

 Merco Press21 days ago
Malcorra downplays possibility of requesting Falklands' visa for Argentine visitors

Argentine foreign minister downplayed the news that the Falkland Islands could impose a visa system for Argentines visiting the Islands, although admitting the ministry is following the issue closely and insisted that confidence building with the loc... read more

 Merco Press21 days ago
Falklands/Malvinas: Argentine Air Force recalls 35th "Baptism of Fire" in May 1982

Argentina's Air Force commemorated with a parade and display of force the 35th anniversary of its ''Baptism of Fire", which occurred on May first 1982 when Argentine fighters completed over 50 sorties in an attempt to repeal the British Task Force se... read more

 Merco Press22 days ago
"Argentina offering investors the best opportunity in the past 25 years"

Argentina is offering investors the best opportunity in the past 25 years as President Mauricio Macri reforms the battered Latin American economy, according to real estate developer Eduardo Elsztain, said in an interview with Bloomberg.... read more

 Merco Press23 days ago
Falklands: 95 Families have consented to ID tests of Darwin cemetery remains; task should begin 19 June

The Argentine foreign ministry confirmed that 95 families from the 123 Argentine unknown combatants buried at Falkland Islands' Darwin Cemetery have consented to the identification of remains, a task to be undertaken by the International Red Cross, a... read more

 Merco Press25 days ago
Joint Statement from President Donald J. Trump and President Mauricio Macri

President Donald J. Trump hosted President Mauricio Macri of Argentina (Thursday 27 April) to discuss ways to deepen the close partnership between the United States and Argentina.... read more

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"The future of the Falklands depends on the Islanders, and that is what is most important"

British ambassador in Argentina Mark Kent has said that conflict policies lead nowhere, Argentina and the UK have different positions on the Falkland Islands sovereignty, but it is up to the Islanders to decide on their future. Anyhow bilateral relat... read more

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Argentine economy contracted in February, but in March consumer confidence is picking up

Argentina's economy contracted 2.2% on the year in February, indicating that the country's widely expected fiscal recovery may end up being slower than anticipated this year. The economy also shrank 1.9% from the previous month, the national statisti... read more

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Falklands airbridge working; no reply from Argentina on a second flight

Falkland Islands lawmaker, MLA Mike Summers apologized on behalf of the UK Ministry of Defense (MoD) for the disruption that the flight diversion from Ascension Island had caused, but said he knew they were working hard to ensure proper arrangements ... read more

 Merco Press26 days ago
Cristina Fernandez invited to give a conference at Oxford University

Ex president Cristina Fernandez and her daughter Florencia Kirchner, both indicted in several alleged corruption cases have been allowed to travel to Europe in May, where the Argentine leader has been invited to a round of conferences and discussions... read more

 Merco Press27 days ago
Argentina pays for the first batch of 24 T-6C training aircraft for its Air Force

Textron Aviation’s Beechcraft has received an US$88.2 million contract to supply the Argentina Air Force with T-6 aircraft. The U.S. Air Force contract calls for Beechcraft to supply four T-6C airplanes as well as maintenance, pilot training and inte... read more

 Merco Press27 days ago
Argentine Icebreaker Irizar is back undergoing sea trials, readying for Antarctica sailing

Argentina's Navy icebreaker ARA Almirante Irizar is back on sea trials following almost ten years of recovery and refurbishing after she caught fire in 2007 when returning from Antarctica and was considered almost a wreck given the magnitude of the d... read more

 Merco Press27 days ago
Trump receives Macri at the White House; the Argentine leader spent his first day with the oil industry in Houston

Argentine president Mauricio Macri is scheduled to meet with his peer Donald Trump at the White House on Thursday to discuss trade and other bilateral agenda issues, the Venezuelan situation and regional and world affairs. This is Macri's first offic... read more

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EU/Mercosur trade agreement "closer than ever", says Spanish president Rajoy

The European Union and South American trade bloc Mercosur should intensify talks to reach a trade agreement this year, Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy said on Tuesday, urging haste after 18 years of negotiations.... read more

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Financial aid to Santa Cruz province, if a serious plan to put accounts in order is presented

Buenos Aires said on Tuesday it was prepared to help financially Santa Cruz province, but demanded a "serious program" to put in order the regional government´s accounts, which has seen its basic services of education, healthcare and justice paralyze... read more

 Merco Press29 days ago
Trump receives Argentine president Macri at the White House on Thursday

Argentine and United States presidents Mauricio Macri and Donald Trump will be addressing bilateral trade, the Venezuelan situation, combating drugs and declassification of documents from the last dictatorship when they meet next Thursday at the Whil... read more

 Merco Press30 days ago
Tear gas and rubber bullets to protect Cristina Fernandez surrounded by protestors in Rio Gallegos

Argentine ex president Cristina Fernandez and her sister in law and governor of Santa Cruz province Alicia Kirchner, are holding in at their home in Rio Gallegos surrounded by an angry crowd in the midst of a chaotic situation as police try to disper... read more

 Merco Press32 days ago
Falklands: Malcorra cautious about EU's position on the dispute following Brexit

The European Union could reevaluate its position on the disputed Falkland Islands after Britain leaves the bloc, Argentina’s foreign minister said in Brussels, where she attended a meeting with EU negotiators on Mercosur/EU trade discussions.... read more

 Merco Press32 days ago
ExxonMobil betting heavily in developing Argentina's Vaca Muerta shale gas

ExxonMobil is planning to speed up investment plans for shale gas drilling in Argentina’s prized Vaca Muerta formation in the Neuquen province. Exxon will start drilling Vaca Muerta in May, by drilling horizontal wells with laterals of 2,500-3,000 me... read more

 Merco Press32 days ago
EU/Mercosur accord is expected to be announced at WTO assembly in Argentina next December

An optimistic foreign minister Susana Malcorra said that Argentina expects the Mercosur/European Union trade agreement to be announced next December during the World Trade Organization meeting to be held in Buenos Aires, and which she described as an... read more

 Merco Press33 days ago
Chubut province declared in state of emergency and agriculture disaster

Chubut province in Argentine Patagonia has been declared in state of emergency and eight of its 16 counties in agriculture disaster as a consequence of torrential rainfall and mudslides which have left huge areas isolateds, or cut off from the commun... read more

 Merco Press34 days ago
Macri confident a Mercosur/European Union trade accord can be expected in the second half of 2017

Argentine president Mauricio Macri is convinced that in the second half of the year Mercosur will sign the long awaited trade agreement with the European Union and will establish closer links with the Pacific Alliance, according to a report in one of... read more

 Merco Press35 days ago
Argentina "a divided country", which needs to promote the "culture of dialogue and honesty"

Argentina is "a divided country and does not solve the problems of the people", said the Catholic Church in its Easter message, demanding a "culture of dialogue and honesty" in the framework of the country's institutions.... read more

 Merco Press39 days ago
Mercosur and Canada hold talks for a possible trade agreement

Mercosur and Canada re-launched discussions for a "possible trade agreement" this week, following a meeting of technical delegations in Argentina, which currently holds the chair of the South American group, and hosted the round of talks.... read more

 Merco Press40 days ago
Falklands: Dolphin Fund desists from taking over FIH Group, at this time

Dolphin Fund Ltd said late Thursday that it has decided not to make an offer for FIH Group PLC at this time, following a letter from the Falkland Islands Government warning FIH about its status should it undertake a change of ownership.... read more

 Merco Press40 days ago
YPF interested in Shell's refinery and network of gasoline stations

Argentina's state-run oil company YPF is among the bidders for Royal Dutch Shell Plc's refinery and network of gasoline stations in Argentina. Other nationally owned oil companies are interested in the assets but YPF is seen as having an edge because... read more

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