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Exports could slip as electronics momentum cool down in H2 2018

The US-China trade war could also hit Singapore's export if the threatened US$50b tariffs push through.... read more

 SBR3 hours ago

PayNow to include faster corporate cash transfers

The scheme will be a part of the Singapore Quick Response Code which utilises mobile banking apps.... read more

 SBR5 hours ago
APAC IPO value crashed 21% in the first half of 2018

Overall initial public offering (IPO) value in the Asia Pacific region fell 21% to US$31.9b in the first half of 2018.... read more

 SBR5 hours ago
China's looser rules on foreign investors to ease foreign bank entry

It will allow easier entry for insurance-related businesses.... read more

 SBR5 hours ago
Dividends of Temasek-funded firms could jump 38.8% to $9.3b in 2018: report

DBS had the highest dividend in 2017 that amounted to $3.3b.... read more

SMEs' bullish on prospects for H2 despite global trade tensions

The business services sector is the most consistently optimistic whilst retail/F&B recorded improvements.... read more

Government workers to get mid-year bonus and $300 lump sum payment in July

About 1,450 civil servants with lower wage will receive a one-off $500 lump sum.... read more

Crazy, rich Asians: APAC's ultra-wealthy population is world's richest in 2017

Their total wealth climbed 14.8% to US$21.6t.... read more

Number of Singapore's ultra-rich jumped 11.5% to 122 in 2017

Their wealth was driven by GDP growth, home price recovery, and national savings.... read more

 SBR2 days ago
Japan's trade deficit reached US$5.23b in May

There was a 20.7% YoY import increase in the energy sector.... read more

 SBR2 days ago
Singapore NODX surged 15.5% in May

Non-electronics jumped 26.2% and offset the 7.8% decline in electronics.... read more

 SBR3 days ago
Volatile pharma and food could dent NODX growth in May

Moody's forecasts it could fall to 5.5%.... read more

 SBR6 days ago
Enterprise Singapore opens Kenya office

It will assist Singapore firms' businesses in sectors like fintech, e-commerce, and logistics.... read more

 SBR7 days ago
Daily Briefing: Temasek leads $60m funding round for US cybersecurity startup; SembCorp stock plunges to near 11-month low

And market watches question $15m Singapore shouldered for the Trump-Kim summit.... read more

 SBR7 days ago
Over 4 in 5 economists worry trade frictions could heat up

But their forecasts for Singapore GDP remained at 3.2%.... read more

 SBR7 days ago
Job vacancies outnumbered the unemployed in March

The unemployed ratio improved from 0.92 in December 2017 to 1.04 in March 2018.... read more

 SBR8 days ago
South Korea's 1.50% inflation rate falls short of target

Sluggish employment is experienced in the country.... read more

 SBR8 days ago
Singapore and Kenya ink deal to cut taxes and boost investments

Kenya's bilateral trade in goods reached $85.4m in 2017.... read more

 SBR8 days ago
Business Angel Network of Southeast Asia appoints James Tan as chairman

He is also the managing partner of Quest Ventures.... read more

 SBR8 days ago
Hiring intentions in Singapore hit a three-year high

Find out which sectors will most likely ramp up their hiring.... read more

 SBR9 days ago
China next to US as largest foreign investment hub in 2017

Hongkong, Brazil, and Singapore came next with US$104b, US$63b, and US$62b worth of FDI, respectively.... read more

 SBR9 days ago
Philippine inflation hits 5-year highs at 4.6% in May

The passage of the Tax Reform for Accelaration and Inclusion (TRAIN) law caused price surges in some commodities.... read more

 SBR9 days ago
Singapore's cost of living may not be the highest in the world: report

The city may not be the costliest after all, if tax-adjusted values are taken into account.... read more

 SBR9 days ago
Abe's party election to spur market speculations in Japan

Trade frictions with US may also pose yen appreciation.... read more

 SBR10 days ago
AmCham backs Trump-Kim summit

It said it will back US engagement in Asia's free trade.... read more

 SBR10 days ago
Daily Briefing: Sanctions bind growth of Singapore-North Korea trade; Stores eye profits during Trump-Kim summit

And here are the stocks to watch during the summit between the US and North Korea.... read more

 SBR10 days ago
Taiwan's household spending rose 1.8% in 2017

E-commerce orders ballooned 46.1% due to higher smartphone use.... read more

 SBR13 days ago
Singapore to spend up to $2.6b on ICT projects

Majority of investments are expected to go into SMEs, GovTech said.... read more

 SBR13 days ago
Singapore GDP growth risks slowdown to 3% over weaker exports

There is softer import demand from China.... read more

 SBR13 days ago
Daily Briefing: Queenstown HDB flat sold for record $1.1m; Are REITs killing small businesses?

And a new hire in Julius Baer highlights Singapore banks' battle for talent.... read more

 SBR13 days ago
China could invest in countries outside Malaysia after rail project fallout

Property markets in Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Philippines are standouts to have investment potential.... read more

 SBR13 days ago
Japan to launch new resident status for low-skilled foreign workers

Foreigners could help counter labour shortage in construction and agriculture.... read more

 SBR14 days ago
Market crash could cost Singapore US$1.3b: report

It is the biggest threat that the city could face.... read more

 SBR15 days ago
Airline profits to fall 11% amidst rising fuel and labor costs

Crude and jet fuel prices are expected to climb 27.5% and 25.8%, respectively.... read more

 SBR16 days ago
Business optimism hits 3-year highs in Q3

The services and manufacturing sectors are the most bullish.... read more

 SBR16 days ago
Daily Briefing: Singapore to bear costs of US-North Korea summit; SIA's India affiliate orders Boeing's Dreamliner

And GIC sells its stake in Vietnamese taxi firm Vinasun.... read more

 SBR17 days ago
Accounting sector revenue growth up 5% in 2016

Revenue of the big four accounting firms gained 7%.... read more

 SBR20 days ago
Accounting sector revenue hit $2.17b in 2016

Most revenues came from auditing services.... read more

 SBR20 days ago
Singapore and India axe tariffs for 30 products

This improves local exporters' access to the Indian market.... read more

 SBR20 days ago
Daily Briefing: Singapore to return 1MDB funds; 5 best-performing real estate firms gained 7%

And Singapore's JustCo is looking to buy firms to achieve its goal of 100 centres by 2020.... read more

 SBR20 days ago
Customs to rush process for Australia-bound exports

There will be lesser documentary and cargo inspections.... read more

 SBR21 days ago
Malaysia and Singapore to meet up for 1MDB probes

New PM Mahathir vowed to uncover the company's white-collar crimes.... read more

 SBR21 days ago
Asia could learn to manage digital economy from Singapore

It imposed the 7% GST on cross-border digital services.... read more

 SBR21 days ago
Singapore gains faster access to India's thriving startup scene

This is made possible by a deal inked by Enterprise Singapore and The Indus Entrepreneurs.... read more

 SBR21 days ago
Asia could learn to manage digital economy through Singapore

It imposed the 7% GST on cross-border digital services.... read more

 SBR21 days ago
Singapore rallied to 5th spot in world's most liveable cities

Its ranking was boosted by strong economics and governance.... read more

 SBR23 days ago
Chart of the Day: Manufacturing output could taper amidst strong electronics production

Electronic exports have shrunk for 5 months straight despite high output.... read more

 SBR23 days ago
Daily Briefing: Malaysia scraps high-speed rail link project; Biotech firm Lion TCR bags $20m in series A round

And here are two companies that recently delivered weaker results.... read more

 SBR23 days ago
Import prices up 1.4% in April

Oil prices jumped due to costlier crude petroleum and fuel oils.... read more

 SBR23 days ago
1 in 5 family businesses eye China as critical for expansion

About 7 in 10 of them are planning to go abroad or are already doing it.... read more

 SBR24 days ago