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Daily Briefing: Malaysian PM says HSR on hold due to lack of funds; Parent company offers to make Wheelock shares private for $598m

And here's why the STI could be a casualty in the US-China trade wars.... read more

 SBR3 days ago

Singapore signs revised trans-pacific trade deal

It is the third of 11 countries to ratify the deal with revised rules on e-commerce.... read more

 SBR3 days ago
Manufacturing and services slowdown could hurt Singapore economy

Global electronics demand have been hit by the US-China trade war.... read more

 SBR3 days ago
Daily Briefing: Singapore economy could face ‘underlying' growth; 10 MRT stations to shorten operating hours from August to September

And here's why PUB fined Nicon Gardens in Chua Kang Road.... read more

 SBR4 days ago
Thailand's consumer spending to see growth in 2018

Rising disposable income could spur spending on skin-care, make-up, and accessories.... read more

 SBR4 days ago
Daily Briefing: GIC to buy shares worth US$75m from Chinese pharmaceutical firm; REDAS president says property curbs could worsen oversupply

And here's what the Auditor-General found in the People's Association's procurement method.... read more

 SBR5 days ago
Auditor-General spots lapses in government audit processes

Contract management issues in some agencies have lasted for years.... read more

 SBR5 days ago
Retail firms paid their debts 22 days slower in Q2

But they had the lowest level of severely delinquent debt.... read more

 SBR5 days ago
Singapore's non-oil domestic exports' 1.1% growth short of target

Electronic NODX fell 7.9% YoY due to export declines in ICs, parts of PCs and consumer electronics.... read more

 SBR5 days ago
Daily Briefing: Singapore lead over Malaysia's economy shrinks; OCBC brings Bank of Singapore to Luxembourg

And Workforce Singapore launches an on-the-go career coaching for job seekers.... read more

 SBR6 days ago
Inflation expectations for next year down to 3.11% in June

The slight tightening of Singapore's monetary policy shaped expectations of cheaper prices.... read more

 SBR7 days ago
Chart of the Day: Home property assets fall whilst mortgage loans stay up

Home assets as part of total household assets have fallen from 50.5% to 44% in 7 years.... read more

 SBR7 days ago
Trade war could drag Singapore's GDP down to 2.7%: analysts

There could be further dampening effects on business and consumer sentiments into 3Q2018.... read more

 SBR7 days ago
Productivity cannot keep up with wage growth: Minister Koh Poh Koon

Real wages rose 1.9% whilst productivity grew only 1.1% in 2011-2017.... read more

 SBR9 days ago
Singapore Q2 GDP growth below expectations at 3.8%: MTI

Manufacturing led the growth with an 8.6% advance YoY.... read more

 SBR10 days ago
Singapore and Korea to review free trade agreement

Their bilateral trade reached $45.4b in 2017.... read more

 SBR10 days ago
Weak outlook for H2 worsens over trade and production woes

Q2 GDP is forecast to dip to 4.2% from 4.4% in Q1.... read more

 SBR10 days ago
Daily Briefing: Singapore economy to slow down growth in Q2 amidst trade risks; Smaller firms could pay more to roll over borrowings

And SIA's Indian arm bought 19 jets for US$3.1b.... read more

 SBR11 days ago
Chart of the Day: Singapore's top exports to US hit by trade conflict tariffs

Industries most likely affected include the electronics, chemicals, and maritime & shipping.... read more

 SBR11 days ago
Singapore could release inflation data on demographic groups

Minister Chan Chun Sing said they are particularly concerned about retirees as a consumer group.... read more

 SBR11 days ago
Here's why Korea could withstand the trade war

Its ASEAN-bound FDIs have surpassed China-bound FDIs since 2015.... read more

 SBR11 days ago
Singapore rallies to fifth place in global innovation rankings

But it still needs to work on education expenditure, environmental performance, and productivity growth.... read more

 SBR11 days ago
Singapore fears 'vicious cycle' of trade measures amidst conflict

Trade minister Chan Chun Sing said this could hit global consumption and trade flows to Singapore.... read more

 SBR13 days ago
US-China trade wars could dent Japan's export growth

The US accounts for 20% of Japan's total exports.... read more

 SBR13 days ago
This weak spot kept Singapore from being the top smart city in the world

Its scored a mere 2 points in people-centricity.... read more

 SBR16 days ago
Daily Briefing: MAS chief says 'dire' consequences loom if trade war escalates; Seletar Airport's new $80m terminal to operate by late 2018

And here's why CCT's distribution per unit fell 11.7%.... read more

 SBR18 days ago
Chart of the Day: Singapore's foreign reserves grew by $8.5b in 2017

The gains were boosted by $22.3b of investment gains.... read more

 SBR18 days ago
Singapore economy to grow 2.5-3.5% amidst trade frictions: MAS

Managing director Ravi Menon said Singapore risks being hit by inflation and protectionism.... read more

 SBR18 days ago
Chart of the Day: Singapore to be third largest economy hit by US tariffs on Chinese goods

About 1.25% of market GDP is expected to be affected.... read more

 SBR19 days ago
Business confidence in Japan slipped in Q2 2018

Large manufacturers' worries intensify over trade frictions and geopolitical risks.... read more

 SBR19 days ago
APAC leads growth in global real estate transparency

Australia and New Zealand placed second and seventh in the global transparency rankings.... read more

 SBR19 days ago
Emerging markets in Asia could get hurt from US-China trade tension

Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Korea, Hong Kong, Thailand, Philippines, and Japan will be amongst the most affected by US tariffs on Chinese goods... read more

 SBR19 days ago
Low factory output and exports weigh down Singapore PMI in June

It dipped 0.2 point to 52.5.... read more

 SBR20 days ago
Customs to speed up process for Thailand-bound exports

Thailand's Singapore-bound exports will likewise go through the faster process.... read more

 SBR20 days ago
Chart of the Day: Singapore's electronics inventory hits 7-year high

But electronics exports are down, indicating a divergence between measures.... read more

 SBR21 days ago
Daily Briefing: Singapore to get new F-16 fighter jets; Temasek unit buys stake in Indian ports for US$147m

And GIC invests US$250m in a joint venture to acquire US$2b worth of rental houses.... read more

 SBR21 days ago
Workers brain drain could lag Malaysian economy

It can create an equilibrium of low levels of workers and a large technological gap.... read more

 SBR23 days ago
Asian firms could pay in-demand workers US$15,000 more amidst talent crunch

Japan's salary surge could cost as much as US$468b by 2030.... read more

 SBR23 days ago
Singapore to toughen penalties for GST act offences

It wants to broaden IRAS' powers when cracking down serious GST-related crimes.... read more

 SBR24 days ago
Daily Briefing: Singtel Innov8 joins US$20m funding for US cybersecurity firm; MOM slams 3 firms with $153,000 fine over 2014 Geylang Fire

And here's why Raffles Medical shares could remain bullish in the next years.... read more

 SBR25 days ago
1.6 million Singaporeans to receive $1b worth of GST vouchers and MediSave top-ups

The GSTV scheme was introduced in 2012 to provide targetted assistance to lower and middle-income Singaporeans.... read more

 SBR25 days ago
China to trim minimum bank reserves in July

The move will release liquidity valued at around US$100b to support the economy.... read more

 SBR25 days ago
APAC leads global tourism growth by 8% in 1Q 2018

SEA and South Asia tourist arrivals rose 10% and 9%, respectively.... read more

 SBR25 days ago
Here's what kept Singapore from topping the 2018 sustainable trade index

It slipped two places down to third this year after topping the list in 2016.... read more

 SBR25 days ago
Is Singapore selling the tech it's making?

Output has been rising even if new orders have been falling since November.... read more

 SBR26 days ago
What did Singapore get apart from US$15m bill from the Trump-Kim summit?

The historic Singapore summit between Mr.... read more

 SBR26 days ago
Six APAC cities amongst world's costliest for expats

Hong Kong is the world's most expensive city whilst Tokyo, Singapore, and Seoul also made it to the list.... read more

 SBR26 days ago
Climbing oil prices to hurt Singaporeans' purchasing power

The MAS reiterated its warning that imported inflation is likely to rise.... read more

 SBR27 days ago
Singapore's inflation rate rose to 0.4% in May

This was due to a faster pace of price increases across all the major categories.... read more

 SBR27 days ago
Daily Briefing: Trump Kim summit cost Singapore $16.3m; Mahathir revives disputed water supply agreement

And here are the six parties who submitted tenders for a Sengkang Central site.... read more

 SBR28 days ago