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Why do investors like 'street' art? Because $200 can turn into half a million

Street art is appealing to investors because of its relatively low entry price point and strong historic return on investment.... read more

 CNBC1 hour ago

India told investors to calm down with bonds, but overseas buyers haven't listened

The exuberant buying of Indian bonds led to capital controls. Instead of slowing down, investor enthusiasm surged.... read more

 CNBC4 hours ago
After-hours buzz: GES, WSM, PVH & more

Check out which companies are making headlines after the bell on Wednesday: GES, WSM, PVH & more... read more

 CNBC8 hours ago
Inside Blue Apron's IPO: Communication lapse chased away investors

Some of the meal delivery company's problems might have been avoided had the IPO been priced better at the outset.... read more

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Business Highlights

Business Highlights... read more

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Lowe's and Stryker fall while Express and Wal-Mart rise

Lowe's and Stryker slide while Express and Wal-Mart Stores advance... read more

 ABC9 hours ago
Google throws lifeline to desperate retail industry besieged by Amazon

Wal-Mart's teaming up to sell products on Google Home could spark hope for struggling retailers.... read more

 CNBC9 hours ago
How major US stock market indexes fared Wednesday

Stocks retreated on Wednesday and gave back some of their gains from a day earlier, when the Standard & Poor's 500 index had one of its best days of the year... read more

 ABC9 hours ago
Grain mixed, livestock lower

Wheat and soybeans higher, corn and oats lower on the CBOT; beef and pork lower on the CME.... read more

 ABC10 hours ago
Top Wall Street quant could be entering the ETF game

Cliff Asness' AQR Capital filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission last Thursday for an exemption that would allow it to potentially launch ETFs.... read more

 CNBC11 hours ago
Trump bashes NAFTA in midst of talks to revamp trade deal

Trump attack on NAFTA comes in midst of talks to revamp trade deal... read more

 ABC12 hours ago
Many investors think this bet on higher rates is a sure thing. It's not

Banks are making what could turn out to be an expensive bet that interest rates will stay low for several more years.... read more

 CNBC12 hours ago
The best mega-cap technology stock may not be in the US

MKM research raised expectations for Alibaba, saying the e-commerce giant has the "best fundamentals of the mega-caps."... read more

 CNBC14 hours ago
Here’s why new home sales tanked

Newly built homes are more expensive than they've ever been before. That's why sales are suffering.... read more

 CNBC14 hours ago
Failing to raise the debt ceiling could jeopardize US 'AAA' credit rating, says Fitch

Failing to raise the debt ceiling could have "potentially negative implications," ratings agency Fitch said.... read more

 CNBC14 hours ago
Focus for independent retailers _ make shopping easy and fun

Independent retailers are strategizing for the fourth quarter, the busiest time in the year... read more

 ABC15 hours ago
Goldman Sachs sees an opening in Trump’s White House

After Obama-era battering, Goldman Sachs is now targeting Volcker rule under Trump administration, Financial Times reports.... read more

 CNBC15 hours ago
US stock indexes hit a wall following two-day rally

Stocks pull back, relinquishing some of the big gains they made a day earlier.... read more

 ABC16 hours ago
Mortgage volume stuck for second straight week, but jumbo loans get cheaper

Both homeowners and homebuyers seem unimpressed by the lowest mortgage interest rates of the year.... read more

 CNBC16 hours ago
It's not all on Mitch McConnell to get tax reform done, anti-tax activist Grover Norquist says

The White House, Steven Mnuchin and Gary Cohn want a pro-growth deal, says the founder of Americans for Tax Reform.... read more

 CNBC16 hours ago
New home sales plunge 9.4% in July, falling to 7-month low

The Commerce Department said on Wednesday new home sales tumbled to the lowest level since December 2016.... read more

 CNBC16 hours ago
US new-home sales fell in July, yet still ahead of last year

US new home sales fell in July yet remain comfortably ahead of last year's pace... read more

 ABC16 hours ago
Grain higher, livestock mostly lower

Wheat, oats, soybeans higher corn mixed on the CBOT. Beef mixed and pork lower on the CME... read more

 ABC16 hours ago
US new-home sales fell in July yet remained well ahead of last year's pace

US new-home sales fell in July yet remained well ahead of last year's pace... read more

 ABC16 hours ago
How to tell if the price is right on your next prescription

Filling a prescription is no longer the simple errand you run after a doctor visit... read more

 ABC16 hours ago
Markets Right Now: Stocks fall in early trading

Technology companies and retailers are leading U.S. stocks lower in early trading on Wall Street.... read more

 ABC16 hours ago
A brief explainer on NAFTA after latest Trump bashing

A brief explainer on NAFTA after latest Trump bashing... read more

 ABC16 hours ago
Popular study app, Quizlet, faces a moment of truth as a new school year begins

After reaching 1 in 2 high school students in the U.S., Quizlet is on a quest to reach the world's 1.5 billion students.... read more

 CNBC17 hours ago
Google, Walmart team up to offer voice-activated shopping

Walmart is partnering with Google in an effort to dip its toes into the voice-shopping market as voice-activated devices become more mainstream, the companies announced.... read more

 ABC17 hours ago
A small European nation is launching its own version of bitcoin

Estonia wants to issue its own virtual currency with the help of Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin.... read more

 CNBC18 hours ago
People in the UK will soon be able to make payments by asking Siri

Barclays customers are now able to use Apple’s virtual assistant Siri to make payments on their phones.... read more

 CNBC18 hours ago
Edmunds: Labor Day's best bets for car shoppers

The upcoming Labor Day holiday weekend is a great time to go car shopping... read more

 ABC19 hours ago
Lowe's misses Street 2Q forecasts

Lowe's posts 2Q profit, results miss Street expectations... read more

 ABC20 hours ago
Asian markets rise modestly after Wall Street's sharp gains

Most Asian markets rose modestly as geopolitical risks and turmoil at the White House abated while investors eyed the annual gathering of central bankers... read more

 ABC23 hours ago
Mutual funds reportedly mark down investments in Uber by up to 15%

Four mutual fund companies have marked down their investments in Uber by up to 15 percent, the WSJ reported Tuesday.... read more

Business Highlights

Business Highlights... read more

Wells Fargo CEO tells employees to brace for more negative headlines

Wells Fargo CEO Timothy Sloan said forthcoming results from the bank's review of its consumer sales scandal could cause more negative attention.... read more

After-hours buzz: WFC, CRM, CREE & more

Check out which companies are making headlines after the bell on Tuesday: WFC, CRM, CREE & more... read more

Berkshire Hathaway shares hit all-time high despite Buffett's energy deal unraveling

Warren Buffett's conglomerate won't get a credit rating downgrade by S&P, after all... read more

How major US stock market indexes fared Tuesday

Stocks around the world jumped on Tuesday, and the Standard & Poor's 500 had one of its best days of the year, as markets put a shaky last couple of weeks further behind them... read more

Macy's and DSW jump while Coty and Toll Brothers slide

Macy's and DSW trade higher while Coty and Toll Brothers tumble... read more

Joe Montana's fund backs a start-up helping greenhouses grow more with fewer workers

Seattle start-up Iunu is using computer vision to help greenhouses meet record levels of demand for food and flowers.... read more

Berkshire Hathaway no longer faces risk of S&P downgrade

Berkshire Hathaway's failure to clinch a $9 billion takeover of the Texas utility Oncor prompted the decision.... read more

Intuit shares fall on weak guidance

Intuit reported quarterly earnings and revenue that beat analysts' expectations on Tuesday.... read more

'Biggest risk' to markets isn't political gridlock, but something else, says this expert

The Fed shrinking its balance sheet is the biggest risk for markets, says Michael Vogelzang of Boston Advisors.... read more

Grain mostly lower, livestock mixed lower

Wheat, corn and oats lower and soybeans higher on the CBOT; beef higher and pork lower on the CME.... read more

What the Fed needs to do for minimal market impact at Jackson Hole

This weekend's Jackson Hole symposium will reveal clues about the Fed's upcoming balance-sheet reduction strategy.... read more

Wells Fargo raises its year-end S&P 500 target

Wells Fargo raised its year-end S&P 500 price target, citing strong overseas growth and strong second-quarter earnings.... read more

Cramer: McConnell's comment on the debt ceiling an 'underpinning for a potential rally'

"I think McConnell is trustworthy on this issue," Jim Cramer says.... read more

Steve Bannon’s 'economic nationalism' is total nonsense

Trump recognized that Steve Bannon's anti-globalization economic agenda would never happen, says Vox's Matthew Yglesias.... read more