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Germany's Daimler lowers 2018 outlook, cites tariffs, diesel

German automaker Daimler AG has lowered its 2018 earnings outlook, a change that it says is partly due to increased import tariffs for U.S. vehicles in China... read more

 ABC3 hours ago

Asian stocks mixed amid underlying US-China tension

Asian shares are mixed as concern fades over the trade tension between the U.S. and China... read more

 ABC3 hours ago
Qualcomm among cornerstone investors for Xiaomi's $6.1 billion Hong Kong IPO

The seven cornerstone investors will take up about 10 percent of the shares being offered in Xiaomi's Hong Kong IPO.... read more

 CNBC5 hours ago
Turkey strikes back, taxing $1.8 billion worth of US goods

Counterpunch: Turkey taxes $1.8 billion worth of US goods, retaliation for Trump steel tariffs... read more

 ABC5 hours ago
Why bitcoin made a comeback after the South Korean exchange hack

Crypto traders identify the reasons why bitcoin made a comeback after the South Korean exchange hack.... read more

 CNBC8 hours ago
After-hours buzz: BNED, HPQ & more

See which stocks are posting big moves after the bell.... read more

 CNBC10 hours ago
Saudi Arabia, Argentina to be part of MSCI emerging markets index

Index provider MSCI said on Wednesday it will reclassify Argentina as an emerging market and include Saudi Arabia.... read more

 CNBC10 hours ago
Business Highlights

Business Highlights... read more

 ABC12 hours ago
Twenty-First Century Fox and Walgreens jump; Starbucks skids

Twenty-First Century Fox and Walgreens Boots Alliance climb while Starbucks and Oracle skid... read more

 ABC13 hours ago
Hong Kong rising as hot IPO market

The Hong Kong Stock Exchange is a hot spot for attracting the initial public offerings of some of the largest companies in the world.... read more

 CNBC13 hours ago
Trump's trade fights have cost the stock market trillions and raised volatility

CNBC found a third of the market's biggest moves this year were substantially linked to news about trade.... read more

 CNBC13 hours ago
Mick Mulvaney says CFPB can’t be a 'gold-standard' agency while it’s still ‘Elizabeth Warren’s baby’

Until the financial watchdog can break out of Senator Warren's shadow, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau cannot be a top-tier regulator, says its acting director.... read more

 CNBC13 hours ago
Feds: Engine crack caused 2015 British Airways incident

Federal investigators blame engine crack for British Airways aborted takeoff, fire in 2015... read more

 ABC13 hours ago
Christina Applegate opens up about being a ‘nonconformist’ with social media

She admitted to not being sure whether she would start her own career today with social media playing such an integral part of everyday life.... read more

 ABC14 hours ago
Clarification: Commerce Secretary-Russian Company story

Clarification: Commerce Secretary-Russian Company story... read more

 ABC14 hours ago
Veteran trader Art Cashin 'stunned' Walgreens was added to the Dow but says it makes sense

Art Cashin says he's "stunned" that Walgreens will replace GE in the Dow but says it makes sense from a price basis.... read more

 CNBC15 hours ago
Business owners find communication helps with young staffers

Bridging a gap: Business owners find understanding and communication help in managing young employees... read more

 ABC16 hours ago
American asks US not to put migrant children on flights

American Airlines says it has asked the US not to use its flights to transport migrant children who have been separated from their parents... read more

 ABC16 hours ago
Are sugar worries weighing on Frappuccino sales?

Are more people realizing how much sugar is in a Frappuccino?... read more

 ABC16 hours ago
Deutsche Bank fined $205 million for currency manipulation

New York regulators slap Deutsche Bank with $205 million fine, the latest bank to settle allegations that its traders manipulated the foreign exchange market for years... read more

 ABC17 hours ago
American Airlines asks Trump administration not to put migrant children separated from their parents on its flights

American Airlines asks Trump administration not to put migrant children separated from their parents on its flights... read more

 ABC17 hours ago
How to navigate confusing gov't loan forgiveness program

How to navigate the murky waters of the public service loan forgiveness program... read more

 ABC17 hours ago
JP Morgan is unleashing artificial intelligence on a business that moves $5 trillion for corporations every day

A business at the heart of global commerce is about to get an upgrade: An AI-powered assistant from J.P. Morgan.... read more

 CNBC18 hours ago
Nasdaq CEO says ICOs are 'taking advantage' of retail investors

Cryptocurrency fundraising known as initial coin offerings can be a serious risk to retail investors, said Nasdaq CEO.... read more

 CNBC18 hours ago
Chinese investment in the US drops 90% amid political pressure

Counting divestitures, net Chinese deal flow to the U.S. during the first five months of this year was a negative $7.8 billion, according to Rhodium Group.... read more

 CNBC18 hours ago
The AT&T-Time Warner ruling is making the Murdoch family billions of dollars richer

Disney has raised its offer to buy a bundle of Fox's assets by nearly $20 billion.... read more

 CNBC18 hours ago
Central bank chiefs of 4 major nations raise trade concerns

Central bank chiefs from Europe, US and Japan raise worries about impact of trade conflicts... read more

 ABC18 hours ago
American Airlines plans to cut some management jobs

American Airlines plans to cut an undisclosed number of management jobs over the next several weeks... read more

 ABC18 hours ago
US existing home sales fall for second straight month

Existing home sales were expected to increase in May.... read more

 CNBC19 hours ago
Tech companies lead US stocks higher as trade fears ease

US stocks are making modest gains and recovering most of their losses from the day before, while stock indexes overseas are mostly higher as well... read more

 ABC19 hours ago
US home sales slipped 0.4 percent in May, as prolonged shortage of properties on the market deters home-buying

US home sales slipped 0.4 percent in May, as prolonged shortage of properties on the market deters home-buying... read more

 ABC20 hours ago
Automakers improve quality to record level in annual survey

A survey of new-vehicle buyers finds that car and truck quality hit a record high this year as automakers started to clear up bugs with infotainment systems.... read more

 ABC20 hours ago
US home sales fell 0.4 percent in May amid inventory crunch

US home sales slipped 0.4 percent in May, as prolonged shortage of properties on the market deters home-buying... read more

 ABC20 hours ago
Nantucket home prices hit new records

Home sales are hot on the island destination off the coast of Massachusetts.... read more

 CNBC20 hours ago
Markets Right Now: Stocks rise as trade war fears ease

Stocks are opening higher as trade fears subside for the moment; Dow, S&P show modest gains... read more

 ABC20 hours ago
Disney raises bid for Fox assets to $71.3 billion in cash and stock, topping Comcast

A bidding war for Fox's movie production and other assets has raised the price of a deal nearly $20 billion since December.... read more

 CNBC20 hours ago
Your first trade for Wednesday, June 20

The "Fast Money" traders share their first moves for the market open.... read more

 CNBC20 hours ago
Buy beaten-down Citi shares ahead of stress test results and earnings, Deutsche Bank says

Deutsche Bank upgraded Citigroup shares to buy from hold, noting the stock could get a boost from beaten-down levels given upcoming stress test results and a better business environment.... read more

 CNBC20 hours ago
Fed Chair Powell calls case 'strong' for more interest rate hikes

Citing robust growth and a generational low in unemployment, Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell emphasized the central bank's commitment to further interest rates in a speech Wednesday.... read more

 CNBC20 hours ago
Fed chair signals gradual rate hikes in tame inflation era

US Fed chairman Powell signals interest rate hikes will remain gradual in an era of tame inflation... read more

 ABC20 hours ago
Mortgage applications jump 5.1% as interest rates settle

The gain in mortgage applications was driven by applications to refinance a home loan.... read more

 CNBC21 hours ago
EU to hit $3.2 billion of US imports starting Friday in response to Trump's tariffs

The EU will start charging import duties of 25 percent on a range of U.S. products after Washington imposed tariffs on EU steel and aluminum at the start of June.... read more

 CNBC21 hours ago
Germany will offer to scrap the EU's 10% tax on US autos: Report

German auto makers are proposing an end to the European Union's 10 percent import tax on U.S.-made cars, the Wall Street Journal reported Wednesday.... read more

 CNBC21 hours ago
Disability applications plunge as the economy strengthens

A stronger economy is dissuading many Americans from seeking social security benefits, The New York Times reports.... read more

 CNBC21 hours ago
A cruel summer for stocks is likely upon us, Federated's Phil Orlando warns

Federated Investors' Phil Orlando says investors should brace for a "summer air pocket."... read more

 CNBC22 hours ago
Edmunds: How to avoid fraud when buying a car online

Fraud is widespread in the private-party online car-buying market and unless buyers are careful, they can lose thousands of dollars... read more

 ABC23 hours ago
Australian telecom Telstra to ax 8,000 jobs to save $740M

Telstra Corp., Australia's largest telecommunications company, has announced plans to ax 8,000 jobs _ one in four employees _ over three years in a bid to save 1 billion Australian dollars ($740 million)... read more

Asian stocks take a breather from trade tensions; markets up

Asian markets higher as traders sideline US-China trade tensions for encouraging US housing data... read more

A major cryptocurrency exchange says it was hacked and $30 million in coins was stolen

Bithumb said on Twitter it was temporarily suspending deposit and withdrawal services, following the security breach.... read more

Lapses at many levels of bank led to India's huge PNB fraud, internal report shows

A $2 billion fraud at PNB escaped detection due to widespread risk-control and monitoring lapses, a report said.... read more